About Abbie Nicole


I am a 22-year-old beauty obsessive from the UK. I’m a freelance blogger and social media marketer with experience in writing health, skin care, beauty, lifestyle and marketing articles. I hold a diploma in social media marketing and have also interned with a leading web agency writing their marketing posts and looking after their social media. I have experience writing for cosmetic companies and looking after blogger/influencer relations.

I started Abbie Nicole in January 2016 as a space for my own, personal blog. Since then it’s grown into much more than just space for me to write about personal experience. It’s now my business. I pride myself on my ability to write such a versatile range of content from cosmetic reviews to marketing posts on how to drive traffic to your website through social media. I’m well known for my outspoken personality, I’ll always tell you how it is if it’s what you need to hear!