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Have you ever actually craved a night in with the girls? Things to catch up on, lots to gossip about and time for a long over-due chick flick marathon? I wanted to share a few little ideas you could use to spruce up your nights in! These types of girls nights in are perfect for special occasions or just when you’re feeling a little down!

Pamper Station

This is obviously something that you may just want to add in on a special occasion but it makes all the difference! It would be obvious to lay out the usual face masks and nail varnish, which I would definitely still do! For a personal touch, it’s a lovely idea to set out some gift sets for women. I’ve been a huge fan of L’Occitane for years, especially their hand creams! They do some wonderful, very affordable, gift sets that include some amazing products and I’m always a lover of miniature sized products! Having these little bits out and ready to use throughout the night is a very special touch that will be highly appreciated!


I don’t believe there should be any stressful prep for a girls night in however, I quite enjoy setting everything up and laying things out! I like to take a few bowls and fill them with our favourite sweet or savoury treats. Of course, nothing excessive, we need to save room for pizza later…


Some scented candles are always a good option, pick out a couple and pop them around the room! Obviously, you don’t want anything too overwhelming and if you’re putting a few out make sure they don’t mix into a bad smell! I love dotting candles around as it gives such a cosy feel to a room and keeps a little light when you turn all the lights off for film time!

Order a pizza

This is self-explanatory? I think so… When I say ‘a pizza’ I mean as much pizza as you want, there’s no judgment here. One each or just one to share, obviously it depends on your appetite. I always like to order a couple with different toppings so everyone can mix and match, don’t forget the sides either! My top tip is to always look at the offers sections on pizza websites… there’s usually cool offers on where you can get 50% off your order so that means MORE food!

Pop a film on

It’s usually a good idea to agree on a film in the group chat before everyone is there. We’ve all been in that situation where no one can decide and you end up flicking through potential films for an hour. A girls night in should be stress-free and all about relaxing so have the film ready to go! If you’re not about films and are into other things a good series or documentary on Netflix is always an option!

Set up a Cosy Area

I think this is a really cute idea if there’s just 2 – 3 of you in a room together. Throwing some big pillows on the floor or even making the bed nice and comfy for you all to sit on is a really nice touch. Instead of being all over the room in different seating areas, dedicate one place where you can all relax together. Don’t forget to make sure the TV is in clear view!

However you spend your girls nights in just make sure they’re filled with love and laughter!

Abbie x

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  1. April 1, 2018 / 8:15 pm

    I definitely need a girls night in soon! This post has reminded me and I’m going to organise one soon. I love the pamper station I often forget face masks.
    Brooke x

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