Pitching to Brands as a Blogger

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Today I’m going to be sharing a little bit of what I know about pitching to brands. I work for brands, handling campaigns with bloggers in influencer marketing. Through working in this industry I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks that you may find helpful! I’m going to share my do’s and DO NOT’S with you.

Let’s Start With the Basics

You’re thinking of pitching to a brand,  you’re not sure where to start. I think the first thing that should be mentioned is essentially you’re sending a ‘cold email’. Cold emails, much like cold calls, are emails sent by you to someone who is unexpecting, trying to sell a service or product. I have to be completely honest, not many people like cold emails, I certainly don’t want my inbox filling up with them! There are a few tips on how to structure these emails I can share with you to make them a little nicer!

Short and Sweet

Don’t babble when pitching, they won’t read it. You want to keep your email at about 8 lines long, I’m serious. I’ve seen too many people shooting irrelevant information at brands and sending essays that we just don’t have time to read through. Keep it short, fill it with facts, get to the point. I’ll tell you what information you need to include in just a second! Remember there is a person reading it. That person may well read 20-100 of the same emails daily! Don’t make it longer than it needs to be. Another reason for this is if you provide the essential facts and they want more information, they can just ask for it.

What do I Need to Include when Pitching?

Ok here’s the important part. What do you actually need to put in?

Introduce yourself

A simple ‘hello my name is and I write for *insert website* and I’m from___’ is absolutely fine. They don’t need to know any more than that at this point.

Why are you Emailing Them?

‘I’m emailing you because I’m interested in working with your brand’. Go on to tell them in a few words why you’re a good fit for their brand and why they should choose you. Maybe it’s because of your niche, you could frequently use their products or you could have an audience who would be interested in what they provide.

A Proposal

What do you want from them? Do you want to attend an event, a sponsored post opportunity or do you want to work with them on a gifting basis? Be straight up and let them know. Sometimes a brand won’t be able to sponsor the post but would be more than happy to gift you something, go in with a proposal and you never know what could happen! There’s no harm in asking.

Social Stats

I’m going to do another post about numbers and brands and why people get turned down etc… but for now here is what you need to know. ALWAYS be truthful about your statistics, there are ways people can check views, subscribers and so on. Never be ashamed of your numbers, be proud of them.

Include your number of: Instagram followers, Twitter followers and how many UNIQUE monthly visits your website gets. For reference, something I see a lot is people sending me their overall view count for their blog, that isn’t much for us to go off even if it is pretty high. Brands most likely want to know how many unique visits you get per month. You can find this out on Google Analytics! Don’t forget to actually leave your Instagram and Twitter handles as well as your website/youtube link!

Thank you and Goodbye (self-explanatory) 

So, as you can see, pitching to a brand isn’t difficult. It’s pretty straightforward! Here are a few of my DO NOT’s for you to run over!


Worry if you don’t hear back from them. I’m sorry to say this but you won’t always get a reply and this could be for a million reasons. Don’t be disheartened. A lot of brands just don’t work with influencers! I understand it’s rude not to reply but don’t take it to heart.

Spam them. If you don’t hear back after a week or two a POLITE chase up is fine but please don’t email them 3 times a week for months to come. Accept the opportunity wasn’t meant to be and move on. Who knows, as you grow they might come to you!

Ignore their emails… If you’ve contacted them and they respond, be prompt and don’t keep them waiting for ages. This has happened to me far too many times. I’ve sent emails to bloggers with a ‘yes’ and they’ve not got back to me for 2 weeks. The opportunity will come and go quicker than you think so be ready to take it!

This is a big one and Some People may not like it…

Attack them when they say they can’t afford your rate. This is a huge problem at the moment, SOME bloggers are charging *dare I say it* a lot more than they really should be. With low followings and low views (I’m talking under 500 a month), I’ve seen people try and charge £100+ for a sponsored post. Even if the brand could afford that, it’s a little unfair. Many brands just DON’T have the money and when they say it, they mean it. They’re not purposely trying to be cheap. Think about it this way: Are they still offering a gift or a smaller amount of money? Is this opportunity still going to benefit you? (Most likely yes as you’re building up your credibility). If you’d like a post on pricing and brands not being able to pay you please leave me a comment! I’d be more than happy to give my advice.

I hope this post has helped you guys out a little and I hope you’ll feel more confident in pitching!

If there’s any more blogger help posts you’d like to see leave a comment!

Abbie x


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