How I Doubled my Website Traffic With Twitter

Page views. They can be pretty unpredictable sometimes. One week you’re up and the next you’re down. I’ve searched endlessly for ways to improve the traffic on my website with no avail until I actually sat down and worked on my social media.

I have a super easy, step by step guide to using Twitter to benefit your website! If you’re interested, keep on reading.

Everyone Has a Preference

Everyone has a social media platform of choice. Mine used to be Instagram but now their algorithm is all messed up and I’ve gone from 2000 impressions per post to about 600. It’s actually extremely hard to drive traffic to your website from Instagram too. If you want a post on that though, I can definitely do one.

I tried Pinterest but didn’t have any luck at all. In fact, I couldn’t even grow a following on there. I’ve been a social media manager for around a year and learned very quickly Pinterest is all about the kind of content you’re putting out. It takes up a hell of a lot of time. You need to make infographics, Pinterest graphics and so on. In my personal time, I can’t always set aside hours to make those for my personal blog!

Facebook is great if you have a good fan base otherwise, a lot like Instagram, no one will see your posts!

It Doesn’t Work For Everyone

Hey, don’t sweat it if Twitter isn’t your thing. As I said before, everyone has a preference. You could be great with Instagram or Pinterest and not have any luck with Twitter. However, if you do follow the steps I took I’m sure you’ll increase your traffic in no time!

Twitter and the Blogging Community

Twitter has an awesome sense of community and I know that is where I was failing before. I wasn’t involved enough! The amount of help I give and receive on Twitter is amazing. Everyone kind of pulls together and gives advice. There are people to lift you up when you feel unmotivated, support you when you’re feeling down and it’s also a great way to make new internet friends!

My Fool-Proof Steps

So, if you want to increase your blog’s traffic but don’t know where to start then stick with me. These won’t work the instant you do them but will over time. It’s all about your commitment!

Interact with Your Target Audience but not as Your Audience…

Doesn’t make sense yet? Don’t worry!

We all have a target audience. I run a health & beauty blog aimed towards women between the ages of 15 and 30! Those are the people who I want reading my blog so those are the people I interact with on Twitter!

You’ll find that your target audience are naturally already bloggers. They have the same interests and are all kind of in your age range. They’re super easy to talk to and usually very friendly, with the odd exception! However, you don’t want to approach people as an audience member. You want to talk to them as if you’re friends.

We all love a sense of community and getting involved with the blogging community is going to automatically boost your website traffic. There are thousands of us on Twitter and we’re all usually willing to help out and we WANT to read your posts!

No idea where to start interacting? Well, this is where my next step comes in handy.

Blogger RT/Community Accounts

There are TONNES of blogger retweet and community accounts all over Twitter. We all have our personal favourites but in general, they’re all fantastic. These accounts will retweet whatever you tag them in that is usually blogging related. People will reply to those tweets and you’re already networking with new, like-minded people. It’s fantastic!

If you don’t know of any great accounts then one I suggest to everyone it The Blogger Crowd. They retweet tweets, host blogger chats and they even connect bloggers with brands!

Be More Active

Could this be any more simple?! This includes tweeting more, liking peoples tweets more, replying to tweets, retweeting, getting involved with polls, blogger chats and basically anything else you see!

You’d be amazed at what spending a little more time on Twitter could do for you. The more you tweet the more people will see. Make sure you’re promoting your other social media and your blog posts on there too! Of course, don’t over do it. Tweeting every five minutes will only lead to people unfollowing you.

Schedule Your Tweets

If you don’t have time to post throughout the day use a scheduling tool. I personally love Hootsuite but people like others such as Tweetdeck. Both of them are great, I just prefer Hootsuite for clients and multiple social media platforms! They’re easy to use and can save you a lot of time.

Really handy for tweeting multiple promo tweets for blog posts as you can do them in bulk. I sit down on a Sunday or Monday and schedule all my tweets for the week. Then I’ll just focus more on interaction when I’m available.

Use More Media Instead of Text

Media is more eye-catching than text and people love to watch videos and look at pictures. A great tip is to use GIFs where you can. GIFs can incorporate a great sense of humour into your tweets which is always a bonus. Using images related to a blog post you’re promoting will help people know what they’re about to read. Adding video content can be great too as long as it isn’t too lengthy!

Even the use of emojis can boost the amount of interaction your tweets will get! Remember, plain can be boring so spruce your tweets up a little.

Have Your Link in the Damn Bio!

I see people complaining they don’t get a lot of traffic but don’t have their website link in their bio… It’s incredible! You have space solely dedicated to promoting a website, use it! You can change it whenever you like so if there is a specific post you want to promote, put it there.

Yes, you can link to whatever you want in your tweets but for new followers, it’s especially useful. People who land on your account don’t always scroll through your tweets.

Pin Pin Pin!

My last step is to make use of the pinned tweet feature. It allows you to place a tweet right at the top of your page for as long as you like. Leave a link in there for people to press on that directs them to your website.

This is a great feature to include a link to a post that is extremely popular as it will attract more views. People often pin a post they are most proud of! As always, you can change the pinned tweet as and when you like so make the most of it.

So, there are my top tips! Apply these to your everyday use of Twitter and let me know how it goes.

Abbie x


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