Saba Lashes Full Review and Run Down

Need a Good Lash?

I wear lashes with basically every makeup look I do. I naturally have pretty parse, short eyelashes myself so I like the volume and length they give. I’ve been wearing lashes since I was 16 and since then, I’ve popped a pair on almost daily! No, it may not be the best thing for my natural eyelashes but, it’s what I like! Truth is, now, if I have anything less than three pairs in my drawers I start to panic. I like a natural pair, a fuller pair and always one of my ‘go-to’ favourite pairs. If I’m ever doing client makeup I keep our lashes completely seperate as I’ll most likely use a pair of Ardell lashes on them, I like a little more drama!

Finding the Right Pair

Girl, I’ve been there. Picking up that perfect pair of lashes from the shop or online. Feeling apprehensive about your first day out with them on. Only to find when they’re finally yours… they look like sh*t. We all have different eye shapes and different types of flase lashes suit us. Unfortuantely it’s a bit of trial and error! The amount of times I’ve spent £20 plus on lashes and only worn them once is ridiculous. The reason I’m so into Saba Lashes is because I’ve tried over 8 pairs from them and have loved each one! To the point where I regularly re-purchase and these are genuinely some of the only pairs I ever wear now.

The Lashes

Saba Lashes provide mink and faux mink. I understand mink lashes aren’t everyones cup of tea! Earlier this year the brand released four pairs of faux minks, all priced at £9.99. My personal fav is the Karlie Lash. You can wear each faux mink around 15 times I’ve found before the band starts to lose its structure however, some people can wear them around 20! For under a tenner, you’re getting a lot of wear for the money!

The minks range between £16.99 and £17.99 and the wear you get out of them really depends on how you take care of them. I’ve actaually worn the Cindy Lash, I currently have on now, thirty times. All of the mink collection are beautifully made. They’re so whispy and fluffy looking, they add so much glamour to a look. My all time favourite being Gigi, when I’m wearing these lashes I always get asked where they’re from.

Worth it?

I’ve tried so many ‘cult favourite’ lash brands and not liked them. For instance, I find the lash band on a lot of Lilly Lashes very uncomfortable, house of lashes bands are also quite uncomfortable and extremely stiff. Compared to many brands, these are the most comfortable and wearable. Put it this way, if my friends come over and want to do their makeup, these lashes are the ones I tell them to keep their hands off!

If you’re a lash lover and wear lashes regularly these are definitely for you. The lashes are just stunning and such great quality. I’m also all for supporting ‘smaller’ brands and I’ve been wearing Saba’s lashes since the week they launched! If you haven’t already, click one of the links above and check out the website! You won’t be dissapointed. Want to see them on? Head over to my Instagram and take a look through my makeup posts. All lashes are always listed below the picture along with anything else I’ve used.

Abbie x


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