My Beauty Staples 2017 (Mac, ABH, Morphe and More!)

My Beauty Staples 2017 (Mac, ABH, Morphe and More!)

I go through them quicker than water…

Each year I seem to compile a collection of makeup I use every day, or near enough! It changes every now and then when I discover something new or an old favourite, but rarely! I love reading these posts, I find it so interesting to see what works for everyone else. Here are my current beauty staples I can’t bear to part with.

Mac Fix +

A staple in a lot of peoples collection, Mac Fix + is an absolute dream. I use this stuff like water. I use it before makeup to prime as it’s great for hydration and leaves a slightly tacky base. It’s also great for wetting pigments or foiled/shimmery shadows to make them more intense. I’ll also use it after makeup to make sure any powders that are clinging to dry spots or hairs on the face are settled down. It just helps everything melt into the skin nicely. If you work on clients this is a fantastic product to have! I probably go through 10-15 bottles of it a year, definitely worth picking up!

Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation

This was my all-time favourite back in the day and I’ve recently fallen in love with it again. It’s great for daily wear as it has SPF 15 and it packs great coverage. Many people claim this is a full coverage foundation however, I would say medium and very buildable up to full! The Mac shade range in their foundations is one of the best I’ve seen. I used to use this foundation on clients and I’m now using it on myself every time I wear makeup. I hear a lot of people complain that it feels heavy… If you go in with a thick layer of course it does! You need to work in thin layers and build up. It works best with a brush but I always finish with a beauty blender to make sure there are no streaks from hairs.

The foundation is a matte finish but not flat. There is still life to the skin. It really does leave my pores and blemishes looking airbrushed. The thing I love about this is the wear time. I have worn this for years back when I had my oily skin right up to now being dry. Mac Studio Fix does not budge. I used to wear this gem back when I was waitressing 14-hour shifts and it would still be on when I got home!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade

My true love in life! I, unfortunately, have extremely sparse brows and really enjoy the whole Instagram brow trend. This stuff is just a dream to work with. It’s so pigmented and they have a great range of different shades to choose from. The thing I love about this pomade is its staying power. It won’t budge no matter what you do. It’s almost completely waterproof and is great for if you are going swimming, doing something that makes you sweat or get caught in the rain. You should replace them every 6 months as they do have a sell by date. They also dry out pretty quickly which is kind of a downside to them but I fix mine back up with a little duraline! Oh, apologies for how gross mine looks! Just shows how much I use it!

Mac Honey Love & Subculture

You’re seeing a lot of Mac in this post but it’s genuinely one of my most trusted brands. I know I love a lot of their products. This lip liner and lipstick have been my favourite combination to wear together for a while. I also adore them alone. The Mac lip pencils are a little harder than some others but it makes it easier to get a sharp, perfect line! Honey Love is a Matte lipstick and is my perfect nude. I only purchased this a year ago but haven’t put it down since. As I am naturally super pale I find ‘true’ nudes quite hard to pull off. This has the perfect undertone for my skin. I also find them extremely comfortable to wear.

Rimmel Cappuccino 

Another lip liner I had to put in this post. I have been through 3 of these in the last year and a half. I love a cool tone lip! I’m a huge fan of browns on the lips as well as cooler toned nudes and this liner is perfect for the majority of my lip collection. It’s also great for creating an ‘ombre’ look with a lighter lipstick in the centre of the lip. Rimmel, I take my hat off to you. I haven’t found anything that beats this yet, the price is great too! Under £4.

Morphe 25B

This is one of Morphe’s most recent palettes. I have been through a fair amount of their products. I’m always ordering their new releases and I usually use a Morphe palette daily. The 25B has stolen my heart! It’s filled with perfect shades that all blend out beautifully. It is a mix between mattes and shimmers, however, I do wish there was another row of shimmers/metallics. I’m a huge fan of Morphe shadows and think I always will be. They’re so affordable and great quality. Another reason I love this is, compared to their 35 palettes, these are much more travel-friendly. I also really like the packaging with the clear lid.

Sigma E40 & E25

I couldn’t live without this brush. It’s so well loved the writing has rubbed off the sides! The E40 from Sigma is the perfect fluffy brush for blending out transition shades or even giving you a wash of one colour over the lid. I don’t know what I did without this brush! I use it every time I wear makeup without a doubt. The E25 is perfect for any stage of your eye makeup. I usually use it to build deeper colour in the crease. It is also great for smoking out your lower lash line! It just blends shadows out so effortlessly. I actually only have a handful of their brushes and desperately need to pick up more as they’re fantastic!

These are all my current staples in my collection. If there’s something on here you love, make sure to let me know!

Abbie x


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