Frezyderm Review | Non-Sticky Sun Screen!

Who else absolutely hates applying sun screen?

The texture. How it makes your skin feel. Your clothes sticking to it. When sand sticks to it! It’s just not the most comfortable thing in the world to have on our skin. But it’s essential.


Frezyderm sells a whole range of skin care products and specialises in day to day skin care. They only use high quality, raw materials to make their products. Frezyderm does not test on animals and are still quite new to the UK market after 30 years in Greece.

They make everything from hair care to oral care! They kindly contacted me and asked if I would be interested in trying their velvet technology sun screen.

I’ve always despised the sticky feeling of sun screen and wished there was something I could do about it. I’m very fair and burn extremely easily so I always have to wear SPF. I also put SPF under my makeup but haven’t really found a product that doesn’t break my skin out. A lot of facial SPF’s also makes my makeup sit weirdly.

Face and Body Velvet Technology Sun Screen ‘Second Skin’.

I received an SPF 30 facial sun screen and SPF 50 sun screen for the body.

Straight off the bat, I really like the packaging. It’s very travel appropriate and beach appropriate! The facial sun screen has a handy pump which is great. You get 50ml in the face product and 125 ml in the body product. I’m not really aware what the standard size is for sun screen but I can put it in terms of a holiday. I think the facial sun screen would last a two week holiday but you may need to take a couple of the body tubes!

They both feel very similar really. Neither have much of a scent and are extremely smooth and easy to apply. Both come out with basically no colour so you need to be sure you’ve applied it all over! It really does feel velvety and sinks right into the skin. You wouldn’t even know you had anything on!

Sun Screen and Primer?

While talking with a team member from Frezyderm I was made aware that the facial sun screen makes a good primer. As soon as I tested it out I could see why. The product has a similar feel to a silicone based, pore smoothing primer. My makeup sat extremely well on it and I had the confidence of knowing my face was protected. It’s a really great product and I highly suggest picking one up. This one goes for £16.99 which is a pretty fair price considering a little goes a long way.

My Thoughts

Although we haven’t had great weather here in Bucks, I have still been trying these products out! I’ve actually used the facial sun screen on days I’m not planning on going out as a primer. I absolutely love these two sun screens! I think they’re fantastic. These are the first SPF products I have used that genuinely are not sticky at all. You can barely feel them on the skin or under clothes. I can happily wear these daily without any noticeable feeling at all.

I think these are an amazing option for the beach as sand will not stick to it! Also, I think the facial sun screen is perfect for every day use and works really well under makeup. These are definitely going to be my go-to sun screen products from now on and I’m excited to look into what else Frezyderm has to offer!

You can check out the sun screen here:



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