Parcels for Your Pets –

Hand’s up if you love spoiling your little fur babies as much as I do!

It isn’t unusual to treat your pets like your children, in fact, I’m declaring it normal!

Mum Brain

Yep, if our little four legged babies are our babies then we’re entitled to brain fog! With working full time and having a busy life comes forgetfulness. Every now and then our pups could be a little lower on food than we expected. Before you know it you’re supermarket running in your pyjamas at 3 am to make sure they eat the next morning!

Been there?

Even if you haven’t, it could easily happen to you! stock the biggest range of animal related products I have ever seen. They’re an online pet supply store who have thought of absolutely everything! They have everything from treats to toys and it isn’t just dogs they cater for! You have products for cats, dogs, fish, birds and other small pets such as hamsters and rats etc..

They really do have the biggest selection of pet products you could imagine. As if that wasn’t good enough! They also offer an awesome service you may want to consider if you have the dreaded ‘mum brain’.

Bottomless Bowl Subscription

We’re all for subscription boxes filled with beauty products! But what about dog treats and food? The original purpose of this website was to create a subscription service for you and your pets. They wanted to ensure you would never be low on food and it would be one less thing for you to worry about!

Having a pet can bring a lot of stress. Walks, vet appointments, flea treatments, buying food, giving fuss, having cuddles and kisses. There is a lot to do! Luckily, has you covered and you can get anything you need delivered to your door.

You can choose everything from the food you get to how often you want it delivered. You can also manage your subscription online at any time so if you need to make changes you can easily do so. It really is such a great idea and perfect for your dogs, no matter how many you have!

My Box

I was kindly sent a box of goodies for my pets. I wanted to share with you guys everything I received from To start off with, postage was extremely quick which I was really impressed with. All the products arrived safe and sound too!

I got a Dentalife Dog Chew which was well and truly needed for my little Westie! My West Highland White Terrier is 6 years old and has always had perfect teeth! He does, however, need to chew more dental sticks as it’s hygienic and can help with bad breath. He immediately ran away with this one to bury it under a pillow and save it for later. Rio’s never been into sharing!

The second thing I opened were these Natural Dog Treats which were very new to us. My dog hasn’t had a lot of fish before but he actually seemed to enjoy these. As with anything new, he’s a little nervous so he took some time getting used to them. My cat helped him out by showing him they were 100% safe to eat…

Lastly, I picked out this Grain Free Dog Food which is so good for your pup! For the first few days, we mixed this in with his normal biscuits and let him get used to it! It seemed to go down well but nothing wouldn’t with my dog.

They also really kindly sent my first baby, Ziggy, a cat blanket and treat toy! He’s been sleeping on the blanket since the moment he opened it. Yes, I let my pets open their own presents. 

Each to their own

Of course, every animal is different and may not like the grain free dog food or natural dog treats. That’s why this specific online pet supplies store is great. They have such a wide range of products to choose from you will always find something they’ll love! The website is really user-friendly so you shouldn’t have any problem navigating. I think that the services Pet Shop offer are so helpful to pet owners! It’s not always easy to get to a shop and we’re all pretty good at online shopping.

Both of my pets adore everything we got and I’m sure I’ll be ordering bits and bobs from this website for both of them. It makes shopping for pets so much easier! If you do purchase anything make sure you let me know how it goes down with your furry friends!

Abbie & Rio! x




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