Pulsin Bars! The Delicious Healthy Snacks I Love

I’m a huge snacker and I don’t care who knows it! In the last year, I’ve really taken control of what I eat and how much I eat.

Just because I watch what I’m eating, doesn’t mean I’m going to deprive myself of a sweet snack every now and then. Puslin recently contacted me asking if I would like to try a few of their bars which, of course, I was delighted about!

The Brand

Pulsin makes natural snacks which can boost your protein for the day. Or they can just be a little something to get you to lunch! They only use the best, natural ingredients which will help boost your energy, immune system, brain power and help you feel fuller for longer.

This brand really does cater to everyone! They have such a wide selection of snacks it’s unreal. Just so you can get a feel for how many products they make, they have:

Their bars and powders really do come in every flavour possible! Pulsin has really enabled everyone to snack sensibly. Everyone has the option to fuel their bodies with natural, organic, amazing ingredients which is what we should be doing daily!

They have an absolutely awesome website which is packed full of information about the brand and products. If you want any more information or to contact them then check them out here: www.pulsin.co.uk

The Bars

I was sent a few bars to try out which I can’t say lasted any longer than a few days. When I say these guys are serious when it comes to flavour, I mean it. You would never believe there are no nasty ingredients in these bars and they’re all natural unless you knew before. They taste so damn good!

I was lucky enough to receive a pack of Almond and Rasin Raw Choc Brownies which were absolutely delicious. These bars were the least sweet which was great as not everyone wants something sickly! They are also such a great size to keep in your bag, which is what I’ll be doing when I pick some more up! As I had a few of these, my family tried some. They loved them just as much as I did!

I also got a Maca Bliss Raw Choc Brownie which was the first thing I tried. It came at a really good time as I was actually craving chocolate as the parcel arrived. Yes, I opened the parcel, took pictures and then immediately dug in.

Along with those, I was sent two protein boosters. One was Maple and Peanut and the other was Orange Choc Chip. I have to say, out of everything I tried, the Orange Choc Chip was my absolute favourite. I have such a sweet tooth that anything chocolatey calls my name.

If you’re into macro’s, which I am, then this part is for you! The protein boosters go for around 15 grammes of carbs, 11 grammes of fat and 12 grammes of protein. Those are the numbers from the Orange Choc Chip bar but of course, they change per flavour. I eat a low carb diet and can fit one of these in a day and they’re extremely filling. I usually eat these between breakfast and lunch as I’m always hungry throughout the morning!


Just in case you’re interested in their ingredients, their Orange Choc Chip bar contains:

Cashews (23%)
Brown Rice Malt
Rice Protein
Pea Protein
Chocolate Chips (Cocoa Mass, Sweetener (Xylitol), Cocoa Butter, Emulsifier (Sunflower Lecithin)) (10%)
Sweetener (Xylitol)
Chicory Fibre
Cacao Butter
Cacao Powder
Concentrated Grape Juice
Rice Starch
Orange Oil
Green Tea Extract
Sea Salt

They’re really great ingredients if you ask me!

The Benefits

The best thing about these bars is that they’re such a healthy alternative to other things. If I crave something sweet I always try and reach for the better option. Swapping out your unhealthy, unnatural chocolate bar for a Pulsin bar is no hassle at all and they taste even better in my opinion. They’re high in protein so perfect for if you’re out and about and even a post-workout snack! They fill you up and release energy throughout the day so are suitable for work and school.

If you’re anything like me, your appetite is unpredictable. One minute I can be full and the next minute I feel as if I’m starving. I always like to keep something in my handbag and these are just the perfect bar for that. I also think they’re a fantastic option for a treat in school lunch boxes!

When we eat well we aren’t just helping our bodies but our mind as well. Fueling your body with wholesome foods and natural ingredients can really help your brain. It can lift your mood, increase activity and concentration levels and help you feel much happier and healthier.

My Verdict?

Get them! I honestly think they’re worth every penny and they’re extremely fairly priced. You can buy taster packs, variety packs etc… They’re definitely worth trying out. If you’re someone who needs to be on the go all the time or find you aren’t full, maybe these are for you.

You can rest assured that you aren’t putting any rubbish into your bodies too! Let me know if you do try these and what you think of them! Thanks, Pulsin for the treats! I always feel great knowing exactly what’s going into my body.

Abbie x


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