10 Amazing Uses for Coconut Oil

We’ve all heard the buzz around coconut oil in the last couple of years! Many people don’t  realise just how much you can use it for! It is one of the most versatile oils in the world and can be used in everything from cooking to cosmetics.

I’ve been using coconut oil for many different things in the last year. I’ve only now realised just how amazing it is for so many different reasons.

1. Cooking

Coconut oil is used a lot in cooking. I’ve switched from olive oil to coconut oil for its health benefits! Some people are a little sceptical if they have never tasted the oil before. It has a really high smoking point to is great to use in baking or just cooking in general. It’s also a fab dairy free alternative to cooking with butter! It can help boost your energy so it’s also amazing to put a teaspoon of coconut oil into hot drinks or your smoothies/shakes. I recently started blending some into my protein shakes and find it holds my appetite out for longer.

2. Moisturiser

Personally, I’ve never been an ‘oil girl’. But, after doing some research for an article I wrote for Peachy Fox, I’ve recently been switching moisturiser out for coconut oil. It has so many skin loving benefits that it was pretty hard to resist. Coconut oil is extremely nourishing and is able to sink deeper than your normal moisturiser leaving your skin feeling more hydrated. I’ve been loving it so far and think it’s a great alternative in summer to heavy creams. The oil absorbs pretty fast so I don’t have to wait long to put clothes on either!

3. Shaving Cream

Yep! You read that right… You can actually replace your shaving cream with coconut oil and yeah, I tried it. I tried it all over my body. I really wanted to put this to the test. I have pretty sensitive skin so shaving can irritate me pretty easily. I slathered my legs up with coconut oil and started shaving, there was no friction or irritation. The best part is, you’re left with super soft and silky skin! This use is particularly great if you are susceptible to shaving rash anywhere on your body, yes guys, you can use it on your face & neck!

4. Hair Mask

This is a really well-known use for coconut oil so I won’t go into too much detail. Leaving coconut oil on your hair can replenish it and help strengthen your hair. It’s perfect for adding a little life and shine to it. This would be great to do after heat damage or holidays! You can really leave the oil on for as long as you need, there’s no time limit! I’d suggest 30 minutes – 1 hour.

5. On Sun Burn

Coconut oil holds very healing properties and can be used on minor sunburn! It’s soothing and calming effect will help bring the redness down and re-hydrate the skin. Make sure all your skin is intact with no cracking or blisters before you use coconut oil on it! You should also, as normal, make sure the skin is clean. Coconut oil is really good for deep hydration in the skin preventing peeling from sun damage!

6. Cuticle Oil

Don’t have time to get a manicure and Pedicure? No problem! I’ve been using coconut oil on my cuticles for the last 8-12 months and it works a treat. The emollient nature of coconut oil helps to soften the cuticles. It can also help your nails grow stronger. Unfortunately, there is no evidence that coconut oil can help your nails grow but it can certainly prevent them from breaking and becoming brittle!

7. Thrush

Yep, we’re real here at Abbie Nicole. Thrush happens. And when it does… you’re climbing the walls looking for a cure. I’m not saying this can work overnight, I wish I could give you an instant fix!Yeast infections are pretty notorious for being a pain to get rid of…  Coconut oil is an established anti-fungal. Although there isn’t heaps of scientific evidence, it has been proven that this oil can kill some species of yeast! It was found that you needed less coconut oil than fluconazole which is what we’re usually prescribed. Even if you still need medication, coconut oil can definitely help soothe your itch and make you more comfortable!

8. Constipation

Don’t act like you’ve never been there before! It happens to the best of us. Regardless of the cause, constipation can be uncomfortable. Some people prefer to put the coconut oil into something like a drink, others prefer to have a shot or tablespoon. Unfortunately there is no set dosage so be wary and don’t have too much! Even people who suffer from chronic constipation have found this method helps. If you’re in need of a quick fixer, coconut oil might be your guy!

9. Oil Pulling

Coconut oil can indeed help rid you of those yellow stains on your teeth! Oil pulling has been around for years and now, companies are making £££ from selling you little sachets of oil with a few other odd ingredients in there. Really, you could just buy a tub of coconut oil and do it yourself! Oil pulling is when you take a mouthful of coconut oil and swish it around your mouth. You may want to work on those jaw muscles cause you need to keep at it for a good 4-5 minutes per time. Not only is this a great method to whiten teeth but also great to keep your oral health in check!

10. General Wellbeing

Stress relief, digestion, fitness aid… You name it. Including coconut oil into your diet can work so many wonders for you. The fat in coconut oil aids the absorbtion of minerals and vitamins. It can help promote fat loss. It’s great for boosting energy and your metabolism. It’s proven to do so many different things it’s unreal. We really should be using more coconut oil!








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