Female Entrepreneur Week! Are you one of the FEW?

Female Entrepreneur Week! Are you one of the FEW?

Female Entrepreneur Week is launching 21st June 2017 and I’m so excited to tell you all about it.

Female Entrepreneur Week is a week celebrating brilliant female entrepreneurs, something we should all get involved in! I’m so passionate about people following their dreams and doing whatever it is that makes them happy and want people to realise their goals are completely achievable.

 Starting my own business was one of the scariest things I have ever done. I didn’t really know anything about what I needed to do, how to go about finance, branding, websites… I threw myself in at the deep end. Looking back, I wish that I’d had someone to give me advice along the way. I had to learn through a lot of mistakes over and over again but, I wouldn’t change what I do for the world.
I still remember the first time I ever got paid for doing something I loved. All my hard work was finally paying off. I’m now starting to blossom in my freelance work, something I’m so proud of. Ever since I was a teen I have always known I wanted to work for myself. A little bit of hard work, courage and belief can go a long way!
I’m only 22 years old with just over a year of experience under my belt, I never thought I’d be able to say I did it when I had the idea to start my own business. Age 18 I was working part time in a restaurant earning next to nothing for a number of hours I was working. Age 19 I started an office job I absolutely hated. When I was 20, I was unemployed due to an illness that made me think I was never going to have control of my life ever again. Now here I am, just barely 22, earning money from writing about beauty & health, I’m a social media marketing & blogger intern with a great company and I’m also writing freelance for a skin care company. You can do it if you believe in yourself.

Are you on of the FEW?

If you own a business, you’ll know there are so many tools and so much knowledge you need to have. FEW can’t teach you everything but it does include the absolute essentials you need for a thriving business. Starting your own business isn’t an easy step to take and it’s not always obvious what needs doing. This is a place for everyone to grow their skills and knowledge and apply it to their business.
FEW people have the courage to start their own business. At first, it can seem extremely intimidating, especially if you have no previous experience in running a business! The courses on offer over the course of 10 days could really help you take your business to the next level. There’s a facebook group full of like-minded others ready to help, motivate and inspire you!

What Courses are on Offer?

FEW will take place over 10 days from the 21st June and is being run by some incredible people! Female entrepreneurs from all over the world will be taking part in this years FEW. Participants will have access to the following courses led by these incredible people:
  • Nadia Finer running Pump Up Your Profits: Turn your dreams of consistent $5k months into your business reality. 
  • Laura Robinson running Connect With Your Ideal Client – your first steps to selling.
  • Colin Pal running Scale up – Leverage your time and expertise with a membership site.
  • Jo Simpson running Be the Boss of Your own Finances.
  • Becs Miller running Become An Influencer – Develop your reputation as an expert using PR.
  • Caroline Wood running Build A Buzz – Use Facebook ads to attract an audience and new customers.
  • Louise Clark running Branding Essentials.

If you choose to join FEW you will have access to tutorials from each of the FEW Crew – focus on just the essential steps to build your business.  You’ll also get access to the temporary Female Entrepreneur Week Facebook Group – where you can meet other fiercely ambitious women, determined to make it as their own boss. This is an incredible opportunity to learn from some of the best female entrepreneurs out there!

I’m so excited to be joining in on these courses, building my knowledge and widening my skills. This is an opportunity I couldn’t miss!

If you like the sound of FEW you can sign up here: http://www.femaleentrepreneurweek.com



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