Festival Beauty Essentials for Summer 2017

Festivals are one of my many loves in life, they’re such a great experience! The beauty world is taking over and everyone goes all out at during festival season! I have a few little pieces you might want to pick up before you go this year!

Metallic, Temporary Tattoo’s

These are stunning, they’re long lasting given you don’t shower so perfect for festivals and just add something a little eye catching to an outfit/makeup look. All you need to put them on is a damp cloth of some sort, even a damp beauty sponge would do! They add no weight at all into your backpack and are just really fun to put on.

You can get so many types, ones that mimic jewellery, ones to go on your face, small intricate pieces and large designs to go on your thighs, under breast etc… I just think they’re a brilliant idea! You can get so many from Etsy, Ebay and even Depop, which is where I got mine! A strip of tats ranges anywhere from around £3-£15 depending on what you go for.

Small, Compact Palettes

I recommend taking 2, but maybe thats a little extra? I’d pack a colourful option and then a muted, neutral option so you can pick and choose what kind of looks you want. I’m a colourful make up fanatic and at festivals, colour is welcomed. As far as festival beauty essentials go, you want them to be small, light and travel friendly! The 2 palettes I recommend are the;

Nyx Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette – Brights

This is my go-to colourful palette, it’s just stunning! There are 16 beautiful bright colours, all pretty pigmented (with the exception of one or two, just being honest) and they all blend really well. Let’s be real, you want something you don’t care about losing or damaging. At £16 this is a steal. Nyx also do a wonderful range of wearable palettes but they’re always out of stock online whenever I look so I went with something else…

Morphe 12NB Natural Palette

This palette is stunning, it really is a festival beauty essential. You get a gorgeous mix of mattes and shimmers, perfect for everyday looks or even something a little more bold. They do a few variations of their smaller palettes, so if this exact one isn’t for you don’t worry! I’m sure you can find something. It’s so travel friendly, the perfect size to pack in your festival beauty kit!


It wouldn’t be a festival beauty essentials post without glitter, would it? I know this is probably an obvious one but I have a little tip. Carrying loose glitter and glitter glue is a risky game and just a lot of hassle to apply. Take pressed glitter instead! Pressed glitter is in a pan, you can pop all your pans in a palette and put it on with your finger or a brush. An extra bonus is they are super cheap, I get mine from the All That Glitters, I have a post on them here! They’re so inexpensive you won’t mind using them all up or losing/damaging them!


Another really big trend this year. Sticking gems on your face/body in a pretty arrangement or as part of you eye make up can look stunning. I would advice looking for sticky, peel back, body safe gems as it is quite a lot of hassle to stick them on with lash glue! You can find these all over eBay and Etsy!

Lash Glue

An obvious one if you’re taking lashes, however, if you are going to be using gems that aren’t peel back then this is an essential! I recommend using the DUO Brush on Adhesive. It’s small, light and extremely travel friendly and you know it’s safe to use on your face & body! An absolute festival beauty essential.

Brow Pomade

If you want to slay all day, long lasting brows… get yourself a pomade! I will always recommend the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow, it is the longest lasting, most waterproof pomade I have ever used. This, hands down is my number 1 festival beauty essential. The UK weather is completely unpredictable and you could be caught out in the rain before you can say brows on fleek. 

A Compact Mirror

DUH! How are we going to put all of these products on our faces without being able to see? Please, do not take a large, bathroom mirror to a festival. They’re far too heavy and frankly, unnecessary. I small mirror with good, sturdy packaging will do you fine – trust me!

If you are going to any festivals this year, make sure you stay safe! Enjoy,

Abbie x


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