Ofra On The Glow Palette Review

I am a sucker for a good palette, whether it be filled with eyeshadow or products for your whole face.

The Ofra On The Glow palette really caught my attention, it’s filled with their most raved about highlighters and 3 other gorgeous bronzers. Although I wouldn’t usually go and blow £70 on a brand I’d never used before, I knew I wanted this.  I definitely think it’s reasonably priced considering their highlighters go for £25 alone… If you were to buy all these pans separately you’d be looking at around £150! This is also a magnetic, refilable palette, so you are able to re-purchase single pans and slot them back in.

Ofra On The Glow

As you can see there is pretty much something for every skin tone in the palette. The 2 highlighters are stunning, so smooth and buttery and they are blinding with the first coat! The bronzers amazed me, I always have issues with bronzer turning patchy on my skin but these blend like a dream, honestly the best formula I have ever tried. Americano is my favourite (top left) and Blissful (top right) has to be my favourite highlighter although, I need a tan to wear it!


I absolutely adore Beverly Hills (bottom middle) as it’s a split pan so you can customise your highlight. This is so useful for someone like me who is extremely fair and then likes to tan, all 5 shades are super pigmented and compliment each other really well. You can use each shade on its own or mix a few, or mix them all if you like. 

Rodeo Drive & Blissful are absolutely stunning shades. Rodeo Drive is a light, golden, champagne shade that would work well for a lot of skin tones. Blissful is a little deeper and carries more of a rose-gold tone, I find I can’t wear it at my fairest but that isn’t an issue for me.

The formula in the highlighters is the same in each. They’re gorgeous quality, blend like butter and don’t feel powdery at all. There is a little kick back when you use your brush in the pan but that’s to be expected with any product with even the smallest amount of shimmer. There is no glitter in these products, they’re all a beautiful sheen without any annoying chunky specs!


I love the bronzers in this palette, they all have a great texture. Each bronzer blends really nicely and they’re all such versatlie colours everyone could use something from the palette. They are incredibly pigmented so you don’t want to go in with a heavy hand or you could end up looking a little blotchy!

The 3D Egyptian Clay bronzer has such a stunning range of shades including an amazing highlighter. I’m not fond of the whole thing mixed together as it gets extremely shimmery when you swirl all the shades… I use the highlighter alone though and love it. This bronzer is super unique, I’ so happy that I have it in the palette as I don’t think it’s something I’d naturally pick up but now it’s an essential for me.

Over all I’m so happy I got this palette, it’s such a staple for me already. I will absolutely be purchasing so many more products from Ofra as these seem to be such great quality. I picked this up from Beauty Bay for £70, they stock quite a few Ofra products. What do you think, would you buy it?! Let me know!

Abbie x


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