Instant Whites Teeth Whitening Swabs Review

Instant Whites Teeth Whitening Swabs Review

I love having bright, white, shiny teeth. I naturally have fair skin so I feel like my teeth can sometimes look a little dull. Instant Whites kindly sent me their 7 day teeth whitening swabs kit to try out and tell you all about!

Firstly, I’ve never used swabs, only ever whitening strips which have made my teeth quite sensitive! These swabs are peroxide free and say you can go up to 9 shades lighter with no sensitivity. The box claims these swabs work on any tooth surface including crowns, veneers, dentures etc.. This was really interesting for me as two of my front teeth are covered in filling due to dental fluorosis. Essentially that just means I have small white marks on my two front teeth but they bothered me so I covered them.

Be Careful with Teeth Whitening

This may be an obvious one but always be careful when it comes to teeth whitening. A lot of at home kits contain ingredients that can irritate your gums and make your teeth extremely sensitive. Make sure you’ve done your research into what you’re going to use and if you can, run it past your dentist!

7 Day Whitening Swabs 

These are so simple to use, you just make sure the swab is filled with the whitening liquid and apply to your teeth. Once it has the liquid on, rub the swab over every tooth you want whitening. It is recommended you rub in circular motions for 10-20 seconds per tooth but I think I did it a little longer. Once you’re done, which should be around 5 minutes, you just wash your mouth out with warm water. Super simple right?

So.. Do they Work?

I don’t know what I was expecting with it only being a 7 day course really, I had some doubts! I can honestly say these have absolutely lifted stains from my teeth, leaving them looking much brighter. These swabs haven’t made my teeth any more sensitive than they already were, so I completely agree with the no sensitivity claim! As far as being able to whiten any tooth surface, they did whiten the two teeth with filling on but not as much as my natural teeth. Honestly, that was to be expected, I wouldn’t expect any teeth whitening kit to help them out!



I’m very happy with the results for 7 days and would definitely repurchase them. I think these are especially great if you have an upcoming event and want a quick fix! For the 7 days worth of swabs it’s £20 and if you’re in the UK you can buy them at boots.


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