An Interview with Boss Babe Charlotte Jones

An Interview with Boss Babe Charlotte Jones

I caught up with my favourite boss babe, Charlotte Jones and asked her for a few tips and tricks when it comes to blogging, working and just general life! Let us know in the comments what your favourite thing about blogging is! Enjoy loves.

An Interview with Charlotte Jones

Hi everyone,

I’m Charlotte aka CJ/Jonsie (as everyone else likes to calls me). I’m a 25 year old full-time mermaid, sometimes a unicorn who blogs about hair, hauls and health, dabbling in lots of beauty too, while sharing tips on how to style outfits and push the boundaries in fashion but in a wearable way. I currently balance this with managing content and social media for L’Oreal Paris Makeup.

A little bit about you

Any nicknames? Jonsie or CJ

Random fact about you?

  • My hair changes colour every 2-4 weeks

Things that make you happy? 

  • Spending time with people who make me laugh
  • When I set myself a goal and achieve it
  • Creating content (I love being creative! It’s a way to express yourself)
  • I wish sweeties didn’t make me happy, but they do!

Things that make you sad? Seeing mentally ill or homeless people on the streets, I wish we could do more for those people. I wear my heart on my sleeve, so if anyone is in pain or suffering it bothers me a lot

Favourite colour? Tough decision! I like a lot of colour, but if I had to choose it would be pink!

Girl Bossing It

1. What inspired you to start blogging?

I’ve been in the beauty & fashion industry for around 4/5 years now and started blogging before it was even a thing, roughly 7 years ago when I was at University. I was determined to be a journalist during university, so I set up a personal blog. I also landed a role at more! magazine, blogging online for them. However the magazine blog never took off. It’s interesting, because they were ahead of game, but I don’t think consumers were ready for it and they heavily invested in the magazine vs. online. The magazine closed down and I fell into PR, however I knew I wanted to go into digital eventually, but PR gave me the best platform for the role I’m in now. I set up last year because I’ve always been passionate about blogging and missed it, because I put my career first. I needed a platform to share my tone of voice and release my creative side. I also feel positivity is missing from the very negative social media world, so I’m hoping to bring a more positive vibes through my Instagram stories and eventually YouTube. I want to be able to influence women to step outside of their comfort zone and feel confident wearing clothes they wouldn’t dream of doing so!
2. You often talk about how you have your dream job. What motivated you to work hard and go for it?

I really do have my dream job! Life is so busy all the time, but recently I have decided to reflect a little more on some of the things I have done. They’re honestly pinch me moments! I urge everyone do it, no matter what industry you’re in. Be proud of what you have achieved and appreciate your own efforts. It feels good. If you don’t do it, no one else will.

My advice is to anyone who wants to their dream job, is to set a goal and don’t stop working for it until you can’t possibly do anymore. I honestly believe if you want something bad enough you will

work for it and achieve it.

Work hard, be assertive, be passionate, be NICE and don’t allow anyone to walk over you. Help others and they will help you! I was given a piece of advice once and that was to PR yourself. This is one of the hardest things to do, but make sure you network and people know who you are!

In my career to date, I have had some horrendous experiences. I’ve sat on floors in cupboards returning samples (for weeks!), I’ve been shouted and screamed at and rejected. There will be so many times you want to give up and just cry yourself to sleep. Nothing you want ever comes easy though. Think of it as character building! It will prepare you for what’s to come. Pick yourself back up and try again. Put that anger and energy into your work.
3. Who inspires you?

My Nan inspires me. She’s the strongest woman I’ve met who has been through a lot in life. Role models should be people you can learn from and take advice from that can help shape you in life.
4. What advice would you have for someone who wants to go for something but doesn’t have the confidence?

Confidence is something you will consistently have a battle with throughout life. Some days you will feel confident and other days you won’t. To be honest I don’t ever feel like I will ever be able to say one day ‘I’m confident’ because like many we have doubts. However my mind-set has changed the older I’ve got. I’m only 25 but I have a wise head on my shoulders. Even if you don’t feel confident, act like you are! This is the best advice I can give you. People will believe in you, if you believe in yourself. Don’t shy away from opportunities because you don’t feel good enough feel the fear and do it anyway. What have you got to lose?

If you really struggle with confidence, I honestly believe you have to give yourself a lot of self-love. Do things that make you happy, feel better about yourself and surround yourself with people who genuinely lift you up. These are all contributors to a happy mind, therefore a more confidence one.
5. Tips on staying positive?

  1. When you feel negative. Take a step back and analyse the situation. Is it really that bad? Can you find a positive from it?
  2. Always take a positive out of a negative situation
  3. There is so many negative people online. Focus on the positive people and remove/ignore any negativity

We need more positivity online, be that person to bring those vibes on social and share the love. I’ve been through hell growing up, (I’m not being dramatic), but being positive allowed me to get where I am today. If I focused on all the negativity I had in my life back then, I would be a different person today and not have the people around me that I do.

6. Do you have a favourite quote?

Everything happens for a reason
7. Where do you ideally see yourself in 5 years time?

In 5 years time I hope to look back and say, wow I achieved so many things! I’m proud of what I have achieved

I want to have;

  • Lived in New York for 6 months/a year
  • Created videos on YouTube and grown my blog. I want to change the way women feel about fashion. I want to be able to able to say, I helped people
  • Met a genuine man who makes me happy and wants to share experiences together. I have met too many douchebags so far!

Those are my main aims. However life has a funny way of going off path. As long as I’m happy, my friends and family are I will be.

Have you had difficulties starting your blog?

Yes I did. I tried to be “that blogger”, taking shots in front of white walls in Chelsea. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that and I obviously love the aesthetic, hence why I tried to recreate it. However I soon realised it wasn’t me. I’m colourful and bright. Only until I started being me and creating content that was my own style and creative vision, my following/traffic increased. The hardest part is finding you and your niche in a cluttered and competitive industry.

How do you balance your day job with your blog? 

Haha I have to laugh at this question, balance is something I struggle with. Admittedly I haven’t found balance yet. I work hard and long hours in my day job at L’Oreal, but I’m committed to my blog and social media. Honestly passion drives me to do both. My blog & Instagram gives me an outlet to unleash my creativity in a different way that my day job doesn’t allow me to do.

Top tips for bloggers?

• Stay true to yourself

• Carve out your niche

• Connect with your audience

What would your advice be to someone who wanted to launch a blog in this busy arena?

Don’t follow in anyone’s footsteps, create your own.



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    Awww that’s my babe! What a great interview I found out things I didn’t know about Charlotte xxx

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