Start your day right! Nutribuddy Breakfast Kit Review.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

It’s true.

I never used to be big on breakfast, I’d always eat it but never really cares what I was shoving in my mouth! Nutribuddy’s breakfast kit is perfect for my mornings! All the products are delicious and so quick and easy to make. The Nutribuddy Breakfast Kit comes with:

  • A shake of your choice (chocolate brownie, vanilla or unsweetened)
  • Instant porridge
  • Chia seeds
  • Flax seeds
  • Desiccated coconut
  • Nutribuddy shaker bottle (black or red) 

Nutribuddy’s breakfast kit is suitable for vegans & vegetarians and is gluten-free, sugar-free, soy-free and lactose-free! How blooming amazing is that?! Pretty much, no matter what your dietary requirements are, you can totally have these for breakfast (or any other time of the day…).

I’ve been trying every one of these products for the last 2 weeks to see what I think about them. Currently, I’m trying to lose weight so I’m roughly tracking my macros and calories. All the products have nutrition information on the packets so it’s been incredibly easy for me to fit them into my day. I’ll take you through each product and then give you a round-up of my thoughts at the end!Shaker Bottle

I already have one of these in black as I got one with the weight loss kit last year, so I went for red. These bottles are so handy I can’t even tell you how much I use them! You can use them for your shake, I have done but sometimes I use my  nutri bullet for that, just depends on time! I use these religiously for water every single day. It’s such a great size and helps me track how much water I’m getting in a day. It comes with a metal spiral ball for your shakes too!

Instant Porridge

Guys I’m not kidding when I tell you this only has 3 ingredients… Gluten free oats, chia seeds and coconut! This breakfast is so quick to make and is packed with goodness. I do sweeten mine as I get the unsweetened, naked one! I’ll either use a little honey, maple syrup or just a spoon of stevia! It’s super filling, you get measurements on the back of the packet and little scoops to help you out! You can have this with your choice of milk or alternative, you could even use water if you wanted to!

Chocolate Brownie Shake

I have the chocolate flavour but there is also vanilla and naked so you can sweeten it yourself. Again, you can have this with your choice of milk or an alternative and use your shaker bottle to mix it all up! In all honestly, I don’t find this particularly filling, I have a hefty appetite and won’t even try to deny that. Just because it doesn’t fill me up, doesn’t mean I don’t use it! This shake tastes incredible and I have such a sweet tooth / a chocolate addiction, I use this to curb my naughty choccie cravings! The shake is just made up from organic oats, chia seeds, flax seeds, coconut and cocoa powder (only in the chocolate brownie flavour). I’m pretty sure the vanilla and chocolate brownie flavours are sweetened with stevia but that’s fine by me, much better for you than sugar!

Seeds and Coconut

Not really much to say here other than you can use these in literally everything! I’ve been adding the seeds in alternate days into my juices, I add them all to my porridge. I love coconut so I try to have it with what I can, perfect in my dried fruit bowl for desert! Another great way to use all of these is whack them
on an acai bowl, boom, you’re instagram ready. The seeds are a fantastic source of fibre so they’re really nice to pop in food on the daily.

Subscribe & Save!

As with all of their kits, you can subscribe to a 3 month or more shipment plan and save up to 30%! You’re saving money and never have to worry about not having anything in the house for breakfast! So not only did they make the breakfasts easy to make, you never have to leave your house to grab breakfast either!

Final Thoughts on the Nurtibuddy Breakfast Kit?

If you’re not already convinced you want this, let me help you out a little more. The Nutribuddy Breakfast Kit is honestly brilliant. I have used their products before, I used the weight loss kit which I really liked, you can read my review here. If you ask me which I preferred, I would say the breakfast kit. Having the choice of porridge or a shake really is great and of course you can add whatever you wish to both so you’re always able to personalise. I think all of the products taste delicious and can’t fault them on ease of use! The kit is super affordable but best of all you can buy all the products separately, so if you just wanted to give one thing a try, you can.

I recommend picking up a months worth and giving it a go, the Nutribuddy Breakfast Kit is suitable for everyone’s lifestyle, busy workaholic, busy stay at home mum, student, whatever you’re doing this will fit in! You can purchase the kit / products here:

Abbie x



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