An Inspiring Interview with Girl Boss – Holly Matthews

An Inspiring Interview with Girl Boss – Holly Matthews

Girl Bossing It

I recently caught up with girl boss Holly Matthews and asked her to share some advice, tips & tricks on juggling life as a busy mum and self employed wonder woman!

What inspired you to start your own business?

I began working at 11 years old as a TV actress and strictly speaking from that age, I was in business (although I certainly didn’t think like that). As an actor my jobs were contract work and I found myself finding other ways to make money to supplement my income. I set up many mini business ventures and was always self employed but it wasn’t until my two daughters came along that I took working for myself and working closer to home more seriously and then when my husband was diagnosed with grade 4 brain cancer 3 years ago, my hand was forced. 
I initially began a network marketing company and although this was very successful for me and I made a decent amount of money, I found it too restrictive. Alongside acting I had been mentoring people and coaching as a life coach and I decide to commit to this fully. I set up my coaching practice officially about a year an a half ago and it has gone from strength to strength. I also also opened the doors to my first BIG online self development academy The Bossing it! Academy in November 2016, which has been featured in national press and had celebrities and influencers through its online door. We re-open the doors to Bossing it! in the summer. So in short business was always there. I have never had a PROPER job and I never will.

My current revenue comes from:

  • Working as a personal coach and mentor to female entrepreneurs (I am a life coach and Advanced Practitioner of the Law of Attraction)
  • The bossing it! Academy and my other courses
  • Speaking engagements
  • Vlogging
  • Working with PR’s on campaigns


What are your top tips for working through a difficult time?

Top tips would be
-Be kind to yourself, sometimes you just have to stop and it’s OK, you are right where you are supposed to be.
-Keep going, sometimes thats is all you can do and it’s one foot in front of the other ‘If you’re going through hell, keep going’ Winston Churchill
-Develop a mindset of ‘whatever it takes’ this is mine and my husbands affirmation every day. Have a desire to be happy and even when life throws you stuff that seems so unfair, don’t be a victim, seek out the good (there is always something)

How do you juggle your business while being a busy mum? / Do you have any tips on time management?

I try to be one thing at a time. Trying to do business stuff around the kids is almost impossible and so I’m a Mum around them and then I work my business in the cracks.
Time management tips:
-Set a timer for each job and write down how long you are allocating to them the night before, STICK TO THIS.
-Get off social media unless totally needed and productive, or you can get sucked into a Facebook hole and get nothing done.
-Take naps where you can. I know, you are thinking, what the hell, but sleep is essential in getting things done, when we are tired, we are ineffective.

What is the most rewarding thing about your job?

Truly, it’s being able to unlock something for someone, letting them be able to see their own potential and fly. it’s so rewarding. I have had some hard sh*t happen in my life and I’ve bounced back over and over, I want to show others they can do the same, that life is just a game and it can all change for the better in a moment.
My own freedom, i love being able to wake every day and do what I want, wear what I want and live by my own rules.


What do you think has helped build your confidence?

 I didn’t have confidence growing up. I grew up on television and was very low in self esteem. I decided one day that i was tired of feeling bad about myself and I didn’t want to sit on the side lines and watch others living freely and confidently, while i sat scared of life. I learnt to be confident and I truly believe anyone can. I just tried something, felt scared, tried it again, felt less scared and eventually it wasn’t so hard. It’s about stepping out of that comfort zone and making sure the pay off is worth it. I still feel unconfident in some situations, thats human, but I won’t ever let that stop me. It’s far more important to me to live a life I love and so that sometimes means being f*cking terrified of doing something but doing it anyway.

Do you have any advice for any women who want to follow their dreams but don’t have the confidence?

Yes, find what you love, become amazing at it and just begin. Forget whatever has happened before, begin from now. I would massively suggest working with a coach or mentor. I work closely with female entrepreneurs and helping people feel confident in themselves in a huge thing for me, I would love to work with you and if I’m not a suit for you there are many fabulous people out there that will be. it really helps to have a coach to bounce ideas off.
Also practice, practice, practice. I have full belief in you and your abilities, the only thing that stops you is your own mind. When you think negatively about yourself, you only see the negatives in life, when you start to talk kindly to yourself in your head, you begin to see opportunity.
I shall offer £100 off any of my 1:1 coaching packages (other that the Virtual BFF option) to everyone that reads this blog (quote the blog name) and email me
The next time you hear yourself being unkind to yourself and sprinkling your mind with self doubt, I want you to recognise that that voice is not serving you and just aim to try to get something slightly nicer out:
I’m useless= I’m learning every day
I’m Ugly= I’m OK (I know this one doesn’t sound so positive but this is what I began with and worked up to ‘Im bloody gorgeous!’, you have to start somewhere)

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