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What’s your favourite way to relax?! Mine is a nice night in with good food, good company and good reality TV. I’m an absolute sucker for a television series, once I get into it I become obsessed and can never wait to watch the next episode which is why I usually enjoy binge watching things instead of waiting!

Recently I signed up to something called hayu, these guys have made my life so much easier! They have over 150 downloadable series and their app is available on Apple, Android & Amazon Fire TV Devices so they are super accessible. One of my favourite things about hayu is that I don’t have to worry about spoilers anymore, if you’ve ever waited for a show to come over from the US you’ll know my pain but now, there are tonnes of shows available the same day as over there.

Unique Features

So you’re probably thinking it’s already a really cool concept but trust me it gets better, they have some really great little features on hayu like being able to choose your mood and they’ll pick out different things for you to watch depending on how you’re feeling.

They also have a feature where you can set your own pin, this way you can be sure no one else is going to be sneaking on your account! Another thing I absolutely love is their snippets section, where you can watch short clips of episodes and funny moments to see if you’re into it or not! If you’re anything like me you’ll hate gearing yourself up to watch something and then realise you’re not enjoying it 10 minutes in so I always watch a few snippets to ensure that doesn’t happen! There is a trending section where you can browse through popular episodes etc and there is even a stories tab which is essentially a little news page to keep you up to date with everything you need to know about your favourite episodes and reality TV stars!


You can save your favourites, make a list of things to watch later and you can start off from where you left off on episodes if you’ve had to turn them off early! It’s really easy to navigate around which I like as it really is suitable for everyone and of course there is something for everyone to watch!  I have been watching Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian and I’m absolutely loving it! In fact I’ve been loving it so much I have actually already finished it so I’m deciding on what to start next so I’ve been watching some of the snippets.

One Whole Month FREE

You’ll be happy to know hayu are currently offering one whole month free! After your free trial the price only goes up to £3.99 per month which is pretty damn affordable if you ask me. There is absolutely no contract and you can cancel any time although, I don’t really know why you’d want to?! If you’re interested in grabbing your free trial, you can sign up here: 1 month free reality TV with hayu.

If you do sign up definitely let me know what you’re going to be watching. Don’t give me any spoilers!

Abbie x


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