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Clinique is definitely one of my favourite skin care brands of all time. My first ever high-end skin care product was from there! The Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel for anyone wondering. We all know I love to take care of my skin! I suffered from acne right up until a few months agoClinique do really high quality make up as well as skin care, I love a lot of their products. When I was younger, getting into make up etc.. I was always told Clinique skin care was amazing. Lots of adults around me used it and like anyone in their teens, you want to act older!

Pep Yourself Pretty – Clinique Skin Care

Currently, there is an offer on at all Clinique counters. If you buy 2 products (one must be skin care or a foundation), you get a free goodie bag. If you buy 3 products, you get the goodie bag and another free gift. There is also a hot new product that I’ve been trying out. I’ll chat more about this at the end of the post!

My goodness guys, if you like freebies you’re going to love this! With any 2 products purchased, one product must be skin care or a foundation, you get a goodie bag. It is full of products for summer! You get:

Everything included in the gift bag is gorgeous. I’ve been using all the products over the last week, some I’ve tried before, some I haven’t! I already know that I want a full size of the hydroblur, it’s so beautiful underneath my foundation. I have pretty large pores around my nose and this is so perfect to smooth them all out. If you’re a fan of looking your best daily, this gift bag has got you covered.

Offer Part 2!

If you buy a third product you get a full size  Sculpting Highlight Chubby Stick. This stick is amazing, I couldn’t wait to try it out. Minimal makeup is really going to be a thing this summer and cream products are perfect for it. This highlight has the most beautiful texture, it blends so nicely. It’s a pink based highlight that just leaves a stunning sheen on the high points of your face. If you’re not interested in the offer I still recommend you check this out!

The offer itself is on NOW until the 1st of April so make sure you grab yourself some stuff while you can!

If you’re from the Aylesbury area, you can also take a screenshot of this post and show it to the guys at the counter! They’ll give you a free foundation sample too!

Hot New Product Alert!

Everybody wants glowing skin! There is no arguing when it comes to that. I’ve found the best weapon to tackle your dull, dry skin and prep it ready for summer. The new Fresh Pressed products are a boost of fresh vitamin C for brighter, even, retexturized skin.

Sounds good right?

You start off with a powder cleanser every morning. It has a non-drying non-stripping formula so is gentle even on sensitive skin. Each dose comes in its own little package to protect its fresh vitamin C. It works to instantly wake up skin, purify it and give an all over brighter appearance.

You then go in with the boost. You mix 2 drops in every morning and evening with your regular moisturiser. It promises you’ll see brighter skin after the first use. You’ll even see a reduction in age spots, lines and wrinkles over time!

The Best Experience


I don’t know if any of you have ever been to a Clinique counter before! I have and always have the best experience there. They were the first counter I went to when I was getting into skin care and have always been so helpful.

Sometimes it can be intimidating to go and ask for advice at a counter. I’ve had some pretty nasty experiences with other brands which can make me feel uncomfortable. There is just something so relaxing about the people at Clinique. I’m not sure if it’s their training or just that they pick the nicest people.

My closest counter is in boots, Aylesbury, which is where I’ve visited whenever buying from them. If you’re around the area then I’d highly suggest popping in and asking for their advice. They’ll be able to advise you on what to use on your skin type and match your foundation shade for you! Even though we think we know our skin best, sometimes its better to leave it to the experts!

Let me know what your favourite Clinique skin care product is & if you make use of this offer! Mothers Day is just around the corner and I think this little gift bag would be the perfect excuse to treat her to a few bits from the counter!

Abbie x

Disclaimer: Products mentioned in this post were gifted to me from Clinique.

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