Drugstore First Impressions/Review

Drugstore First Impressions/Review

So, I hate to sound snobby because I’m honestly not a snob but I just don’t usually love drugstore beauty products. I always have an issue with base products from the drugstore, eyeshadows usually aren’t pigmented and sometimes products break me out. Superdrug had a few offers on last week, 2 for £10 on Maybelline and 3 for 2 + free gift on Loreal so I thought I would pick a few bits up and try them out as I haven’t shopped for more affordable products in ages.


Lets just start with my first dislike… WHY DO DRUGSTORE BRANDS NOT CARRY CONCEALERS PALE ENOUGH FOR ME?! It isn’t just the range not going light enough, they never go dark enough for other skin tones either and it really bugs me. I have to be tanned to use the fairest concealers in the drugstore.


I picked up a back up of my Fit Me Concealer in ‘Fair’ and although I can only use this when I have fake tan on I do really love the formula. It gives great coverage and a beautiful finish, doesn’t dry my under eye out and wears really well throughout the day.

I also picked up The Eraser Eye Concealer as I have heard so much about this! Again, it is far to dark for me to use when I am my natural fair self which is extremely annoying but as I am tanned at the moment I thought I would give it a go. It has a much more liquidy formula than I am used to and is quite thin but sits lovely under the eye. I don’t personally suffer from dark under eyes unless I really am heavily sleep deprived but I do have quite a dull complexion sometimes so it did brighten a little. Not my favourite concealer but for £7.99 I really can’t complain as I’ll definitely use it all up!


I like a lot of the products from L’oreal, some of my all time favourite affordable products are from this brand!


On to Loreal where I picked up a back up of my favourite drugstore primer! The Lumi Magique Base is one of the nicest, illuminating primers I have ever used. I even use this on its own to add a soft blur and subtle glow but I do have to be my fairest as it is a white primer! This really smooths out the skin and gives a soft glow, most of all I just love the way this feels when I apply it as I do suffer from dry skin and it feels super hydrating. If you’re in the market for a new primer but have a small budget then PLEASE try this!



I then picked up the new Total Coverage Foundation after hearing a few mixed reviews. I have a lot of acne scarring and still get small break outs regularly so I am always looking for the best full coverage foundation. As you can tell by the name of this, it claims to cover everything. No matter what shade I have seen this foundation is SO orange! Granted I got a shade to match me when I am tanned but it is honestly just a pure orange colour which is awful. It is so thick that it looks cakey no matter how it is applied, I tried with a brush and a beauty blender. I mixed it in with True Match to see if I could thin it out a little and it did work quite nicely however it was still so orange that I had to blend Studio Fix Powder in NC15 down my neck to calm it down a little. It has a kind of natural matte finish so nothing too flat looking however it does enhance oily areas throughout the day. All in all this foundation is a miss for me.


The one thing I am usually a fan of from the drugstore is lip products and this one is no exception. I picked up a Lip Paint in Gone With The Nude and my goodness it’s beautiful. I’m usually one for a matte lip, this claims to be a liquid lipstick but it’s more comparable to a pigmented gloss mixed with a Colourpop UltraSatin Lip. The colour is absolutely stunning, it’s like a beautiful warm toned nude absolutely perfect for spring and summer, the form
ula is gorgeous too. I found this to be quite long lasting but so easy to touch up when needed! I absolutely will purchase more of these, they also have some pretty unique colours in the coll
ection. The only thing I will point out is the scent, I know some people are not big fans of the typical Loreal lipstick smell and this smells the same as the rest of their lipsticks but if you can look past that, it’s a real winner.

Free Gift

There was a free gift if you got the 3 for 2 offer so I got their new sponge. I don’t have much to say about this as I am loyal to my beauty blender! It’s pretty hard and really does retain water so you have to squeeze it out with a towel. It isn’t the worst sponge I have ever used but not the best. I do really like the shape
as it fits so nicely under the eye so I have been using this to blend out my concealer.



That’s everything I picked up from Superdrug. I love the way there is always a deal on where you can get a free product or save some money! Let me know if you guys picked anything exciting up recently and also if you like/dislike any of the products in this post!

Abbie x


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