How to Make Your Lips Look Bigger with Make Up

How to Make Your Lips Look Bigger with Make Up

Hey everyone!

It’s no secret that I overdraw my lips to make them look much fuller. I have pretty small lips naturally and I’m not happy with the way they look the size they are so I like to make them look more pouty with makeup! This is a great alternative to painful, expensive lip fillers (not that I have anything against them!) and is super easy to get right.

So here are my lips without any make up on, as you can see they’re quite thin and a little uneven on the bottom.

I prefer my lips to be much rounder on top and a lot fuller on the bottom so there are a few steps I take to achieve this and many tips & tricks I have learned along the way.

  1. Your choice of lip liner is VERY important, something cool toned always works best as you are drawing around the outside of your natural lip line you’re almost trying to create a shadow so ashy, cool toned browns & nudes are your best option. In this post I’m using Rimmel’s ‘Cappuccino’.
  2. Start where you want your lips to be the fullest, for me this is right in
    the centre of my bottom lip. Make a small line where you want them to be and draw from there. You want to make sure you’re drawing underneath the line of your bottom lip or above the line of the top but keep the pencil touching your natural lip line to ensure you don’t bring it too far down. 
  3. Go round the entire bottom lip and make sure you’re happy with your new line, remember you can always clean up at the end with concealer so don’t worry if it isn’t completely neat and even as this can be fixed! Fill in the outer corners of the lip you have lined and leave the middle blanc as this will help give the illusion of a bigger pout!
  4. Start to over draw your next lip, I always draw my top lip on second as it takes me a little more time. I prefer to round my lips more as naturally my cupids bow is very pointy. Draw whichever shape you would like just make sure to keep them in proportion! 
  5. Fill in your lips with a lighter colour than you have lined them with. The colour difference is really important as you want to make your lips look as 3D as possible so having the darker colour around them will help with that. I chose Mac’s ‘Honey Love’ which is one of my favourite nudes. 
  6. Blend! Blending isn’t just for your eyes! You want to blend the harsh lip line into the lighter nude to make it look a lot softer and appear more natural, take a small lip brush and start to work the colours in with each other.
  7. As you can see they’re already looking much plumper! You can definitely leave it her if you want but sometimes I like to add a gloss, today I’m using Colourpop ‘Weho’. Adding a gloss really does help to plump your lips up and make them look more juicy.  If you’re wanting your lipstick to last all day without having to touch up I wouldnt recommend putting a gloss on as it does move around a lot!
    And that’s me done! Admittedly it does take me a little longer to do this than just whack a liquid lipstick on but I do think it’s worth it! After using all the lip products sometimes I’ll go in with a contour shade just under my bottom lip to add some extra pout and I sometimes clean up my edges with concealer if needs be but today I didn’t actually have anywhere to be so I just left it as was! 

Hope this has helped some of you babes out! As always I’ve linked all products I’ve talked about in the post. Chat soon,

Abbie x

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