New Pressed Glitter Swatches & Review

New Pressed Glitter Swatches & Review

Hey everyone!

Today I’m showing off my new pressed glitters, courtesy of All That Glitters. I really love using glitter in my make up but I do find it pretty time consuming and fiddly so I don’t use it as often as I’d like. By using a pressed glitter you’re removing the hassle of having to find somewhere to pour loose glitter and all the mess that comes with it, which is fine by me! Don’t get me wrong, I still love loose glitter but pressed has its perks ESPECIALLY if you’re travelling.

When I think of glitter the first thing that pops into my mind is festivals. The last time I was at a festival was back in summer 2014 (Reading fest represent) and back then alternative, funky festival make up was only just becoming a ‘thing’. I certainly wasn’t into glitter roots or highlight and the best I could do was whack a little fluorescent paint on mine and my friends faces and that was us done.. Now people spend ages getting ready and everyone is wearing glitter & I imagine taking a palette of pressed glitters would be much less hassle!

The Valentines Trio – All That Glitters

I was originally sent this to review for valentines Day but Royal Mail being them good old selves ruined any chance of that happening! These colours scream my name, I have predominantly green eyes however they’re made up of a blue base layer and have brown on top and pink colours really enhance the colours in them and, how could I ever say no to a copper? When you swipe your finger across the pan the glitter feels completely dry, they’re are super pigmented and lovely to work with.

Above we have Coral  and admittedly in the pan it doesn’t look very coral. I wasn’t sure about this one when I received it but after swatching it, it’s actually become my favourite of the 3. This has so many different specks of colour in, blue, orange and I’m sure I saw a green tinge in there. When you have this on the eye/fingers it reflects much more coral than you see in the pan and I think this is an essential for summer!

This is Scarlet , a beautiful deep pink. I don’t have any dark pink glitters so when I got this I was super excited, I think this would look absolutely stunning on blue eyes but of course, it would suit any eye colour! This is so pigmented and something I find with a lot of darker glitters is that they aren’t very sparkly whereas this one really is! I’m yet to try this out on my eyes but I’m thinking of doing a bold pink liner with it. Let me know what you think!

Last in the trio we have Light Copper which is a staple colour for me! It looks a little more gold in the swatch above but it is, in my opinion, a mix of champagne gold and copper which is just beautiful. Warm tones are really in at the moment when it comes to eye makeup and this is a perfect partner to your warm smokey eye. You can see from the finger swatch it is so pigmented. I created a spotlight eye with this today and I love the way it turned out. I mixed it up a little and added glitter tears to compliment the spotlight on the lid!

You can apply the glitters straight from the pan to your eye and build up but for more intensity and just peace of mind that it wouldn’t crumble off throughout the day I did put a layer of Lit Cosmetics glitter adhesive underneath as that is my ride or die glitter glue!

I think these pressed glitters would be perfect for any eye look, they’re so easy to pack up and travel with and super easy to use. Prices vary however a single pan of glitter is only £2! You can buy all the glitters individually but you can also order a palette, the pans come in 2 different sizes so you can grab a smaller one to test out and then if you love it order a larger one! All That Glitters have some stunning colours for every day wear but they also have super bright pops of colour that would be amazing for playing around with!

You can find the company here:

And here:

Feel free to give them a message & have a look through their social media so you can see the whole range of colours! Hope you love them as much as I do!







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