Current Beauty Favourites

Current Beauty Favourites

Hey guys!

It’s Valentines Day! I hope you’re having a great day whatever you’re doing. I went all out and grabbed some confetti so we’re in the valentines spirit, made it into a pretty little love heart and everything! Today I wanted to do an updated favourites, I’ve found some new products I’ve been loving and some old favourites too and thought I’d share them with you.

First of all I’ve been loving this Garnier Micellar Water. I never really got into these when they were really hyped up but I find it to be really gentle on my skin which I need with acne break outs and skin thats pretty sensitive! It does a great job at getting my face make up off, not so much my eyes but I always use something oil based to do that anyway.

For my base I’ve been loving this NYX Illuminating Base in ‘Sun Beam’. I don’t always like something shimmery under my foundation as I have textured skin sometimes shimmer can accentuate that but I go through phases. This goes on really nice and smoothly, dries down nicely and just gives a nice radiance under my foundation. Spring is coming guys! Time to change out my all matte face for something a little more dewy.

These next two are my new favourite lip combo! Colour Pop’s Ultra Matte Lip in ‘Times Square’ with their Ultra Glossy Lip in ‘Weho’. I’ve always been a matte girl when it comes to lips but I’ve really been getting into glossy lips lately and I love the colour these two products create. I find nudes quite difficult on my skin tone as these aren’t too warm for me!

Two palettes I have NOT PUT DOWN since I got them are the Morphe x Kathleen Lights eyeshadow palette and the ABH Ultimate Glow Kit. I adore these two palettes, I use them without fail every single day and I’m already worrying about what I’m going to do when I hit pan. I am holding out for the new ABH Glow kit coming out in March so I’m pretty sure this will last me until then!

I have recently been loving the Morphe Pressed Pigment in ‘Champagne Nights’. Some people wear this as a highlight but I don’t think it would suit me as in some lights it reflects as a much darker pink with some blue running through it! I adore this on my inner corner and over my lid as it is so reflective and shimmery, perfect to brighten up your eyes!

Similar to above, the Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl in ‘Charming Pink’. In the pans the shades look very similar but swatched they’re totally different. This is a beautiful soft highlight, to make it more intense I spray a little Fix+ on my brush with the product on it! I really want to get the rest of them but fear they’ll be a little to dark for me.

YSL’s Black Opium has been my go to scent for about a year now but I’ve fallen in love with it all over again. I’m not that great at describing scents and I think perfume is very personal, everyone likes something different so I won’t make a fool out of myself trying. If you haven’t already, go and smell this!

Finally the LA Girl Pro Concealer in Green is my saviour. My acne has been flaring up pretty badly over the last week or so and this helps to cancel out the redness. I personally like the consistency and the way it blends & sits, I do know it isn’t everyones favourite though. This for me stands out because of the way it sits under my foundation, some green correctors are very oily and thick whereas this is super pigmented but light on my skin and doesn’t make my foundation cake on top of it.

And those are my new additions to the favourites family! I’m always changing products I use around as I’m never 100% happy with how my face is looking! If you have any recommendations then I’d love to know, comment them down below this post!

Lots of love,

Abbie x


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