Last Minute Valentines Day Date Ideas!

Last Minute Valentines Day Date Ideas!

Although I may not be doing anything for Valentines Day this year, I know what a hassle it can be to arrange outings with your other half. Sometimes you talk and talk about plans but never actually arrange anything, all of a sudden its 1 week till’ V Day and you don’t have anything to do but want to make an extra effort so you can both enjoy the day. Fear not, I have a few quick ideas that could help you out!

If you’ve left it last minute you will need to find something that¬†doesn’t require a booking,¬†this can be tricky but definitely not impossible.

Ice Skating

This isn’t for everyone as on a date you may want to be a little more relaxed and be able to sit and chat however, if you’re a fun loving couple who are always looking to have a laugh then ice skating is a brilliant idea! It’s cheap and as long as you’re close to a skating rink it should cost you virtually nothing to get there.

Home Date Night

To some people it might not sound special but if you’re a busy couple who work a lot or for some other reason don’t get to spend time with each other every day then it’s a really lovely idea. Get your favourite take away food, favourite drinks, line up a few films that you both want to watch and relax together! Quality time together is much more valuable than a fancy date.


May not be everyones cup of tea but, I like this idea! Spend time together learning new things and looking around at interesting pieces of history or art. Of course, this idea would probably only work if you both have the whole day off. Museums are a brilliant day out and a few of them are free to get in to, if you want to make a day of it then go out for a quiet lunch before or after your visit!

A Day in the City

London to a lot of people is a day out, usually if you’re not from there! There is so much to do, so many places you can go and a lot of the time you can find things to do for free. Even if you don’t plan your trip before you go you will definitely be able to find things to do, go online and see whats on while you’re on the way there!


You may be thinking this sounds a little odd but, if you’re foodies and enjoy trying new things this is honestly such a good idea. Broadway market is a great example, it’s huge and has a wide selection of food you can try & buy. Street food is really popular at the moment and they do it really well at markets! It would also be the perfect opportunity to pick up some ingredients for a special dinner that night!

Group Games Night

If you have a group of friends that are couples, or even if they’re all single, it’s always nice to spend a special day with loved ones. Get your babes together, prepare some nibbles and food in the day and have a group games night. It’s much more fun than just sitting, chatting & watching a film, it’s a great way to have everyone involved in something and spend a lovely evening together.

Last Minute Tickets for Shows

Although you’ve left this last minute you can still find some great date ideas that you need to book. Shows are a fab example of this, a lot of shows have last minute tickets available and a lot of the time they’re at a discounted price as theatres want to sell their shows out! A night at the theatre is pretty romantic and there is always something both of you will want to see, it really is a treat if you don’t usually watch them!

Get Crafty

This is one of my favourites! It involves spending quality time together but messing around with something you probably have no idea about. Give something you’ve never made before a go! You could tie dye clothes, bake cookies, make your own sweets, make decorations for the house… basically you could do anything you want. For best results, pop down to your nearest craft store and buy the tools you’ll need before hand (this saves household items being ruined).

Make a Personalised Scavenger Hunt for Their Gift

If you’ve bought each other gifts this is a fantastic idea! Sit down, grab some little cards and write clues to where you’ve hidden it. Include personal jokes, let them know you remember silly little things that have happened in the house or wherever you are. Give your other half the cards and wait for them to find the gift. It’s a simple idea but involves thought, effort and care so it really shows you’ve tried!

Those are my favourite, last minute, date ideas! I hope you all have a wonderful Valentines Day, whether you’re spending it alone, with your partner or with friends & family.

Abbie x


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