Lashes for Beginners & Threads Beauty Review.

Lashes for Beginners & Threads Beauty Review.

Hey guys!

Today I’m going to give you a quick, easy tutorial on how to apply synthetic false lashes, the ones I’m using are from Threads Beauty. I was kindly sent these lashes and at the end of the tutorial I’ll be giving my honest opinion on them!

False lashes can be really daunting if you’re just starting out with make up and haven’t really used them before but they’re nothing to be scared of! Synthetic lashes can give a really lovely, natural look to the eye so I like to use them when I’m not going very heavy on the make up.

I’m using the Vava Voom lashes, to start out you just want to remove them from their tray. Make sure you take care when taking them off as there is adhesive on them, if you pull too hard you could damage the lash so be gentle!

Next you need to measure the lash to your eye, without any glue on pop the lash on your eye and see if they need trimming. Always trim the lash from the ouster corner, the lash is purposely not as long on the inner corner so you don’t want to change that! There may be a little bit of excess band on your lash, just cut it off if there is.. you can probably see there is in the inner corner of mine!

After you have a perfectly tailored lash you want to add your glue, I’m using the DUO Lash Adhesive. I tend to use my own glue and not the glue that is included with lashes as I have sensitive eyes and know mine doesn’t irritate me. I don’t find adhesives included to be as strong holding as DUO so bare that in mind if you are wanting your lashes on all day. You need to leave the glue to get tacky, if you’re using DUO I’d leave it for about 60 seconds before putting the lash on.

Once your lash is on and almost dry, pinch your lashes and the false lashes together to ensure they’re as close together as they can be!

I have Vava Voom on my eyes and was also sent Angel Eyes to try which look much more dramatic and whispy! Keep an eye out on my instagram if you want to see them in action.

As you can see these lashes just give a bit of extra length, they’re really natural and perfect for every day wear if you like subtle make up. I’m not usually a huge fan of synthetic lashes as they don’t do much for my eyes and honestly I wouldn’t wear these with a heavy smokey eye or anything crazy on the eye but I really like the look of them for a natural day.  Their lashes are all priced at £9 which is pretty affordable and they seem really good quality.

The lashes were far too long for my eye, through no fault of the brand! I have pretty small eyes so I have to trim all of my lashes! They are really lightweight and comfortable to wear, they didn’t scratch or irritate my eyes at all. I found them so easy to apply, the band is quite stiff so it is really easy to pop into place on the lid!

If you’re just starting out with lashes or like something really comfortable then I’d really recommend Threads Beauty lashes, they’re going to give you comfort all day while enhancing your eyes.

Thank you for reading! Make sure you go and check the lashes out.

Abbie x



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