Hey guys!

Being on the mailing list for online retailers is a dangerous game, last week cult beauty emailed saying they had the Ultimate Glow Kit in stock and I rushed over to the website to have a look. I ended up picking up 2 of the palettes, one for me and one for a giveaway I’ll be doing on instagram.

I’d been really sceptical to pick this glow kit up as I’d heard so many mixed reviews about it and I did think the colours were a little dark for my skin tone. Naturally I am extremely fair, honestly if I get any paler I might become translucent, and sometimes I tan but even with a tan some of the golds are a little deep. Regardless, I got it, I really wanted to try it out and let you guys know my personal opinions on it.

Firstly I’d heard that the formula was different to the rest of the ABH kits, which didn’t bother me, I own a lot of highlighters and all the formulas are different to each other.. Secondly people said it had ‘chunky’ glitter in it, now I don’t really know what they would define chunky as but I don’t think the glitter is bad. Yes, it does have glitter in but it doesn’t show up as pure glitter pieces when you apply it.

One draw back with this palette is there is a lot of kick up when you’re picking the product up with a brush. The formula of the product is very powdery however when swatched it does feel more creamy. The powders are pigmented but not AS pigmented as other highlighters I own, if you want to be seen from the moon you’re going to need to go in a few times. I’ve included some finger swatches below so you can see the pigment I got from swirling my finger in the pans about 3-4 times..

Top row: SNOW, WHITE SAND, GOLDEN DAWN. With flash.

Top row: SNOW, WHITE SAND, GOLDEN DAWN. Without flash.

Bottom row: SUNRAY, AMBER GOLD, HOT SAND. With flash.


Bottom row: SUNRAY, AMBER GOLD, HOT SAND. Without flash.

As you can see they are more impressive with flash on but I wanted to show you what they looked like on the finger in natural light, bare in mind the lighting in my room is pretty dull. They aren’t as reflective as some highlighters I own but it doesn’t bother me that much. The colours are absolutely stunning, I personally like the formula, you can go in heavy handed and not apply too much product. It builds up really nicely and doesn’t look too powdery on the skin.

I will say these highlighters become more reflective if you put them on a tacky base, so don’t set your foundation OR spritz a bit of fix + on your brush with product on, they are super reflective if applied wet! I feel like they blend nicely, they don’t appear patchy or chunky in any way. Although a few of the colours are too deep for my skin I can use them as eyeshadows or on other people. I tested Amber Gold out as a shadow yesterday and it was stunning. 

On Cult Beauty the Ultimate Glow Kit is priced at £44 whereas on the UK Anastasia Beverly Hills website it’s priced at £47 so I’d personally grab it from the cheapest! I do think it’s good value for money, you’re getting 6 highlighters, which can easily double up as shadows, for about £7 a piece which is a great price. Cult beauty do free shipping over a certain spend and I’m pretty sure ABH do too..

All in all I’m really glad I picked this up and added it to my collection, I can’t wait to see what this brand come out with this year!

If you do want to be in with a chance of winning this glow kit, head over to my instagram and I’ll be giving it away when I hit 10K!

Abbie x