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Hey guys,

This could end up being a pretty long blog post as I have so much to say so I’ll just get right  into it..

I was sent the skin renewal kit from Swiss Clinic to try out. The kit contains 1 Skin roller, 1 Rejuvenating serum. They also kindly sent over their sanitising spray which is highly recommended to clean the skin roller and keep it hygienic, this isn’t included in the kit when you purchase it. I also got some moisturising eye drops which aren’t part of the kit I think they were just being extra lovely which was perfect for me because I have really dry and sensitive eyes!

If you’re a frequent reader you’ll know I have a lot of skin issues including acne, acne scarring, large pores, dry patched and redness. If I’m honest I’ve never liked my skin and it is something I’m trying desperately to improve, which is why I’m so happy I’ve got this kit now! When I was sent the product I had the most awful acne break out on my chin, cheeks and neck so as you can understand I didn’t feel completely comfortable taking a ‘before picture’ but I do now have a picture of my skin (still with acne) from yesterday while using the roller.

The skin roller has 540 micro-needles that you roll over your skin, this helps boost the production of collagen, promotes the creation of new skin and improves blood circulation! You can choose between a 0.05mm or a 0.02mm needle, I have the 0.05. If you need help choosing they have a guide on their website! The roller is a brilliant anti-ageing tool but also helps remove blackheads and refine pores which I need, it can also help make your skin look more radiant and youthful.

“The needles open up thousands of thin micro-channels in the skin. While rolling on the skin surface it activates the healing process in the skin which triggers the production of collagen and elastin. This contributes to the production of new skin cells. After a treatment your skin will have around 300 000 micro channels which makes the skin absorb 300-400% more of the active ingredients in the serum.”


I know some of you may be thinking it might be painful and I was a little worried when I first researched it but it isn’t painful. I can’t say that it feels amazing, it is a little uncomfortable and it does leave your skin red (as you can see above) so I would recommend doing it in the evening before bed. They have a full explanation on exactly how the needles work on their website which I have linked above and I’ll leave it below too!

You’re supposed to apply the rejuvenating serum immediately after using the skin roller so it absorbs into the skin, it’s a soothing serum that restores natural moisture balance helping promote skin rejuvenation. 

“With the help of the active ingredient beta-glucan, the skin’s natural collagen formation is stimulated. Collagen is a protein found in connective issue, which helps to reduce the depth of wrinkles.Studies show that beta-glucan can stimulate the cells of the immune system and thereby increase immune system activity and efficacy in the fight against pathogens that attack the human body. Studies also show that Rejuvenating Serum improves the healing of minor skin damage, promotes the rapid and effective healing of burns, smooths dry and cracked skin and gets rid of eczema and fungus.”

I’ve tried a lot of skin care products in my life and I have to say this is one of the nicest serums I’ve ever used, it doesn’t have a scent so I was confident it wouldn’t irritate my skin, it’s so soothing, it makes my skin feel hydrated and it makes it soft and smooth. It is a gel like serum, not an oily one so there is no greasy feeling. After using the serum I always go in with a moisturiser after and I truly believe that my moisturiser is sinking into the skin more, I’m seeing more and more benefits each time I use the kit.

The kit does come with instructions:

  • Thoroughly clean the skin you plan to treat.
  • Always clean your Skin Roller before use with our Sanitizing Spray or other antiseptic spray.
  • Roll your Skin Roller back and forth for a few minutes in different directions on the desired area.
  • Immediately apply the Rejuvenating Serum to the area.
  • Repeat the treatment daily for 5-7 days. Allow the skin to rest for the same period of time before resuming treatment.

I’ve followed these steps for the past 7 days myself and I cannot believe how much of a difference I’ve seen in my skin. My pores are smaller, my skin is plump and radiant, I don’t have flaking or dry skin on my forehead any more AND it’s actually helped clear up my acne. I’ve had all these complexes about my skin for years and I’m finally seeing an improvement! My make up is sitting much nicer on the skin, I don’t have the texture on my forehead from dry patches any more either which is great as that used to make me insecure when I was wearing powders. I am beyond impressed with this product, I’ll continue to use it and I’d love to do another skin update in the near future.

You could buy these products separately however, they are designed to work together and I can definitely say they’re a great pair. If you buy the kit you’re also saving money so really, why wouldn’t you?

The skin you have now is the only skin you’re going to get in your life so look after it now, nourish it and take care of it. I truly believe you should invest in your skin care.

I’ll rave about these products over and over to my friends, family and you guys because honestly I’ve never used something and seen results SO fast! My skin hasn’t felt this good in years. I urge you to go and have a look at their website and social media, all will be linked down below!

Also guys, remember christmas is coming up! This would be the most amazing present for someone who likes to pamper themselves, is a skin care junky or like me lacks confidence in their skin!

Skin renewal kit: http://bit.ly/2ftVLMB


INSTAGRAM: @swissclinic

TWITTER: @TheSwissClinic

FACEBOOK: Swissclinicuk

Thank you guys so much for reading, I hope you’ve enjoyed!

Lots of love,

Abbie x

*All opinions in this post are my own, no links are affiliate*


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