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I see Colourpop products EVERYWHERE and I’m always hearing really great things about them so I decided to order from them and a few fall aproppriate lip products as my make up collection seemed to be lacking. I know lots of people are curious about this brand so I’m going to split this post up into swatches & reviews, pricing and shipping & customs in case you’re here for something specific!


Got a mix of different products so I’ve split everything according to its formula!

ULTRA MATTES – A true liquid lipstick, dries completely matte.


I got a couple of full sizes and a set of minis, their value sets are really good! So far I really like the formula of these, I’ve heard a couple of people say they find these really drying but I have extremely dry lips and I find them pretty comfortable.. any liquid lipstick is going to be drying as they are completely matte. The colour pay off on these is insane, the only patchy one of the bunch is ‘notion’ but dark purples are notorious for being patchy with any brand.

ULTRA SATINS – Goes on like a liquid lipstick but doesn’t dry down completely.


Holy sh*t I’ve found my new favourite lip formula ever… These are hard to describe because they are a liquid lipstick but they’re not matte. Ultra satins are so comfortable on the lips I can’t even deal with it! They apply so smoothly with so much pigment. They do transfer as like I’ve said, they’re not completely matte but thats just like a regular lipstick so you can’t complain! I wish I’d picked up more of these.

ULTRA GLOSSY – Pigmented lip gloss.


I only picked up one of these as I’m not a huge gloss fan but everyone needs a nude gloss! To be honest these are a little sticky, which bothers me a tiny bit but I can deal with it. These are really pigmented as you can see by the swatch, you can totally wear these alone or over the top of something else!



I love these, they’re so creamy and glide on like an absolute dream! I really wish I’d picked up a few more of these too but now I know what I like I’ll probably make another order around christmas. You have to sharpen these ones, they don’t sell retractable lip liners which is fine by me but I know some people prefer a retractable liner.

Over all I am SO impressed with everything I got, the quality of these products is amazing considering the price is so low. I’m definitely going to be purchasing lots more from Colourpop.


Colourpop are known for being super affordable. All of the lip products I’ve shown you are either $5 or $6 for full sizes, I paid $18 for the set of 5 mini ultra mattes. Everything together was $60 (how amazing is that?!) but I had a $5 off as I signed up to their news letter so I only paid $55. Absolutely everything on their website is so affordable and such good quality I can’t believe I haven’t bought from them sooner.


As I said, I paid $55 and they do FREE international shipping over $50 which is brilliant as I didn’t fancy paying a hefty shipping fee from America to the UK. Although shipping is free you are hit with a customs fee when your parcel arrives at the post office, mine was £17.76 which if Im honest I’m not that mad about as I didn’t pay shipping but if I had of paid for it I would have been a little pissed off. Custom charges vary on everyones packages. On the website is says international shipping can take 10-21 days but mine came in 8 days which I’m super impressed with.

Hope you enjoyed this little post and I hope it was helpful!

Love ya’ll,

Abz x

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  1. November 29, 2016 / 3:39 am

    These colors !!!! So amazing and so right for this season!

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