Combination/dry skin? Acne/scarring? You need to try this! | Edens Semilla Review.

It’s winter, so my skin is freaking out…

Every year is the same, the heating comes on and my skin is sucked of all of its moisture! This year my skin is having some sort of melt down, it must be something to do with getting older because I NEVER used to have dry skin! I have combination skin, a slightly oily T-zone and a forehead as dry as the Sahara desert (that isn’t an exaggeration), my cheeks are pretty normal but sometimes lean towards the more dry side. Unfortunately for me my skin troubles don’t stop there, I also have acne and acne scarring.

For the last month or so I’ve been really researching skin care products and making a lot of lists to santa filled with things I want to try, I’m planning on changing up my entire skin care routine as the one I have right now clearly isn’t working all that well. Sometimes, I’m lucky enough to be sent products by companies to try out and this just worked out as perfect timing seeing as I am really in need of a skin saviour!

Edens Semilla are an online company who sell 100% natural oils, skin serums and essential oils. You can buy there products from their website directly or from amazon, I’ll leave both linked at the bottom of the post so you can check them out. They sent me a big bottle of Vitamin E Oil with Organic Rosehip & Jojoba oil blend which I am delighted about because rosehip and jojoba oil are known for fighting acne and healing acne scars!


I don’t use the oil during the day as I don’t think it would work well under make up but I do load it on at night after I’ve cleansed. It gives that really moisturising feeling which I love, especially after cleansing when my skin feels tight. It isn’t greasy, it sinks straight into the skin and just leaves to looking a little dewy. To me it feels really nice and light, not heavy in the slightest. I can’t use this on it’s own over my whole face as my forehead and cheeks really do need a moisturiser on top however, my t-zone is fine with just the oil.

I’m really enjoying this product, knowing that it is natural really is important to me as it won’t irritate my skin or acne break outs! It doesn’t smell of anything either which is a bonus.

I’ve been using the oil for just over a week and I’ve seen a big improvement with my skins texture, it isn’t as dry and flakey feeling. In the mornings when I wake up my skin looks really radiant and healthy which is lovely to see as sometimes my skin can be a little dull! As for the acne and scarring, that’s still a work in progress… I know that I’ll never find one miracle product that will just cure me immediately but I’ll definitely be keeping the vitamin E oil in my skin care routine as I do believe over time it will help.

You can also use the oils though your hair as a kind of nourishing oil, it adds shine too! I don’t really use it through mine but I have tried it and it felt super soft, I just put it through towel dried hair!

I’d totally recommend these oils to ANYONE they have something for all skin types and their products are SO affordable, it’s crazy! You can check their website out down below and I’ve left the direct link to my specific oil on amazon.



If you do order from amazon, make sure you leave them feedback after using the product!

That’s it from me today, I’ll be back later this week with another post!

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Abbie x


  1. November 21, 2016 / 9:12 pm

    My skin has become dry too, but I still have some acne and a lot of scarring so I may have to try these!!xo

    • November 21, 2016 / 9:14 pm

      It’s definitely worth it! I’ve never had dry skin before so struggled to find something that could work for both problems x

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