Current favourite lipsticks + swatches

Current favourite lipsticks + swatches

Hello beauties!

Today I’m going to share what I’m currently loving lipstick wise.. There is a mix between normal lipsticks and liquid lipsticks, I haven’t included glosses as I might do a separate post completely on them. Let’s get straight into it:

Mac Velvet Teddy

A cult favourite in the blogging/youtube world! I think this lipstick should be a staple in your collections, it’s the perfect pink/brown nude and it is also quite cool toned so doesn’t make your teeth look yellow. I’m an absolute sucker for the Mac lipstick formula, it is so creamy and every lipstick is just so pigmented… Velvet Teddy is a great every day colour!

Mac Honey Love

Sorry about the awful lighting, my bedroom is genuinely the worst for any natural light however, Honey Love is my all time favourite nude. Compared to Velvet Teddy it is a lot lighter and more on the warm side. I’m naturally extremely fair and sometimes finding nudes that don’t make me look funny is a bit of a task but I adore this one. Again, I can’t fault the formula, so moisturising and creamy and they last a long time too!

Mac Russian Red

The BEST red there is! It has a blue/cool undertone so NO yellow teeth, it can actually make them look whiter than they are. This is just my all time favourite rich, deep red and I think I will repurchase for the rest of my life. I may be biased to brunettes but I do think this looks lovely with dark hair. I can wear it at my palest and at my most tanned.. I adore this lipstick although I do find it hard to find a blue toned red lip liner to match so if anyone has any suggestions, do let me know!

Kat Von D Bow and Arrow

I love this liquid lipstick, the consistency of the product is so light and not uncomfortable in the slightest. It is a browny nude (what’s new) and it looks SO nice on fair – medium skin tones. It is actually a little lighter than I expected, it dries lighter than you can see it in the swatch but it is very flattering. The only thing I don’t love about these liquid lipsticks is I find the wand a little too long, it isn’t the easiest to control.

Stila Bellissima 

I’m not usually a huge fan of pinks or corals, I find them unflattering on me and they always make my teeth look yellow. I’m not the biggest fan of the Stila liquid lipstick formula, it cracks and dries down a lot more than others but they’re damn pigmented and smell freaking amazing! I actually really like the colour of this for days when I want a softer lip and have lighter make up. It’s not too light and it isn’t too coral, I think they nailed the colour on this one!

NYX Lingerie Honeymoon

If you follow me on instagram (do it) then you’ll know I’ve been absolutely loving this liquid lipstick. I am SO in love with cool toned, brown/sepia lips it is unreal… For some reason I love them on my lips, I think they look nice with my hair and eye colour, I can’t get enough. I was pretty sceptical about buying a drugstore liquid lipstick as I had a really bad experience with the sleek ‘matte me’ ones but these are lovely. They are a little sheer but I always use a lip liner and colour my lip in before applying these anyway as I find it helps them stay on a little longer. I’m not joking when I say I want every single colour of these, I adore them!

Clinique Matte Magenta 

I’m not the best with really bright lipsticks, I just don’t typically reach for them. When I am in the mood for a pop of colour this Clinique matte lipstick is always what I reach for! The formula is actually really similar to Mac’s but a little less creamy/thick feeling so it is a tad more watery. These are bloody pigmented, I wasn’t expecting how opaque it was when I first tried it. They really are lovely lipsticks and sometimes I’m just in the mood for a bit of pink!

So those are my current lipstick favourites, I always change my mind on what I’m loving and I find what I like changes with the seasons. Let me know what your favourite lipsticks are so I can try them!

See you tomorrow with another post,

Abbie x

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