NUGG Lip mask review

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Sorry day 7 is a little late, I didn’t feel all that great yesterday.. I’ll explain in an upcoming blogpost!

Today we’re chatting about DRY LIPS. My life consists of nothing but lip balm sometimes… Thats an exaggeration but still if you have dry/chapped lips, you’ll understand.

I’ve been trying out this new Nugg lip mask for the past couple of days which I was kindly sent. I really do suffer from dry/chapped lips in the winter especially, it’s a problem I’ve had ever since I was in primary school, my mum always had to send me to school with lip balm otherwise my lips would just be red and extremely sore by the time I got home! I have noticed it has progressively got better over the years of me taking care of myself and drinking more water but I do still get days where there is no way I’m getting any matte lipstick on a) because it would KILL my lips & b) because it would look gross!

Here is what the website says about the mask:

Treat your pout to this luxuriously hydrating, 100% natural & vegan Lip Mask.

  • Lip treatment with Coconut Oil, Shea Butter & Irish Moss Extract to moisturize and soften lips while Liquorice Root Extract helps naturally enhance your pout
  • Winner of the Cosmopolitan Beauty Award
  • 100% natural, preservative free and contains NO mineral oil, parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances or artificial colours
  • Perfect to use as an overnight lip moisturizing treatment, in the morning to prep lips for lipstick application or in-between to give lips a boost
  • A favorite amongst beauty bloggers & editors as the perfect companion for matte lipsticks

An average of 30 uses per mask.

Use this lip mask day/night and as often as desired.


I’ve used the mask about 4 times and my lips feel lovely! They feel really smooth and hydrated, there are no bits of dry or flakey skin on them and my lipstick glides on really nicely. I’ve found that it works really well if you use it after a lip scrub, I use the LUSH bubblegum one! I just leave a thick layer of the mask on for around 15/20 minutes then wipe whats left away with a cotton pad. The mask tingles a little which I expected as it claims to help plump your lips, I don’t think it really does plump them all that much, the tingle really is minimal.

I was quite sceptical about a mask for your lips, I thought it would be just like applying a lip balm but it is much thicker and my lips feel much more hydrated than if I were to just apply a chap stick. I’m really looking forward to using the product more, I’m enjoying it so far and would 100% recommend it if you are looking for a treatment for your lips!

Lip mask retails for £9.50

If you’re in the UK you can purchase the lip mask from Selfridges here:

The NUGG website US:

If you do try it I hope you enjoy!

Abbie x


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