20 Facts about me!

20 Facts about me!


I feel like it has been a while since I did a post more personal.. although I adore doing beauty posts it isn’t how my blog started and I feel like I have gained so many new readers that wouldn’t know that! I want to do something to help you guys learn more about me so, here is a few random facts that may interest you.. or completely bore you!

1.My full name is Abigail Nicole Vincent, Abbie for short. When I was younger I experimented with different spellings of ‘Abbie’, I tried out Abi, Abby and Abbey for a while but for some strange reason they just didn’t sit right with me (don’t ask I was about 9). Even though I always hated being called ‘Abz’ everyone seemed to do it anyway so I’m used to that now… So I’m primarily Abz, sometimes Abbie and Abigail in more formal situations.

2.I’m 21! My birthday is on 5th of June.

3.I’m adopted.

4.I have a sister, she’s my adoptive sister but to me she’s just my full sister. I also have 2 half brothers and a half sister, these 3 are biological siblings! Being adopted also means I have 2 mums and 2 dads.

5.I live in Buckinghamshire, south east England. It’s ok here I suppose but I want to live by the sea at some point in my life!

6.I have travelled to a lot of places around the world but my 3 all time favourite are Egypt, Tunisia and I went skiing in Italy!

7.After school I went on to study musical theatre, I loved it!

8.I’m allergic to cinnamon, I found out while doing the cinnamon challenge a few years back. I’m not deadly allergic but I do have a reaction.

9.I still live with my parents! My sister and granddad live with us too.

10.I stopped drinking in December 2014 so this year it will be 2 years with no alcohol! I also quit smoking in 2015 and it’s been a year since that too!

11.Also in December 2014 I got pretty ill, I’ve come a long way since then but am still under care of my hospital and have to see consultants and doctors a lot.

12.I can’t eat ANYTHING with tomato, garlic, onion or spice in it due to a stomach problem I have.

13.I have a little dog called Rio, he’s 5 years old and a West highland white terrier. I also have a black and white cat called Ziggy, he’s 11.

14.When I was younger I wanted to be a paramedic and went to clubs with St. Johns ambulance to try and learn as much about first aid and medicine as I could, I was always obsessed with Casualty and Holby City! Blood and gore really don’t bother me at all.

15. I am the sleepiest person you will ever meet, I kind of have an excuse as I’m on medication that makes you tired BUT even before that… I was always tired. I don’t get grumpy when I’m sleepy though!

16.I’m still scared of the dark… and the dentist.

17.One of my favourite things in the whole world is making new friends or just sitting and learning about people. I could sit with a person for hours and ask them questions about their life and be super content just listening.

18. I love to cuddle.

19. Even though I failed my French GCSE *HANGS HEAD IN SHAME* I can still speak a little French and I can also read a little bit of music.

20. Blogging is a huge part of my life, I absolutely love it and am so grateful for everything thats happened over the last 9 months with my blog!

Thank you guys SO much for reading, as always I really appreciate it. Don’t forget to hit me up on social media down below… I’ve also just created a Facebook page for my blog which I’ll link as well, I’d be forever grateful if you could go over and press the like button.. It’s free :).


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  1. October 6, 2016 / 10:30 pm

    Whereabouts in Buckinghamshire do you live? I’m in north Oxfordshire so not too far!

    • October 6, 2016 / 10:32 pm

      I’m in Aylesbury? Whereabouts are you? X

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