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Today I’m coming at you with a review on some BOMB new make up brushes. So if you’re in the market for new brushes, love reading reviews, can’t help yourself when it comes to buying new beauty products or are generally just bored and have stumbled across this post then take a seat, grab a drink (this could get lengthy) and lets chat beauty. If you make it through to the end there is a reward in the form of DISCOUNT for you guys…

The brand itself is called ‘Girl meets brush’, their website and social media will all be linked down below if you want to check them out after! Girl meets brush is a new product range (founded in 2015) from celebrity make up artist Lynne Mills. They have 12 essential make up brushes all designed to make applying your make up easy and simple, they also carry other products such as beauty sponges and make up bags. Another exciting thing they have on their website are make up lessons which you can purchase! What really had me excited about GMB is the fact the products are from a make up artist, I love when mua’s design and release products as you can almost guarantee they’re really going to work. So here are my actual thoughts on the brushes;


The package came wrapped up really nicely in black tissue paper with logo stickers securing it, all the brushes came in their spot in the brush holder and they were all individually wrapped in plastic – perfect! They have grey handles with the GMB logo on them and the brushes hairs are grey then fade in to black at the top, I’m more of a fan of plain black/white haired brushes but if I’m honest that’s just because I prefer when things look uniform and the colour really doesn’t change how they perform. I got the 12 piece set which includes:

The Foundation Brush has flat & dense hairs, but a soft finish which allows a smooth application to the foundation.

The Concealer Brush has a small graduation tip to allow more precision when covering blemishes & applying product.

The Blending/Contour Brush has an angled shaped head, the fibres are dense but have soft bristles, it is used to buff & blend products together, great for blending blusher, bronzer & highlighter.

The Contour & Blusher Brush is made of soft but dense fibres that are rounded & tapered at the end, so it can apply & blend product to the shape of your cheekbones.

The Powder Brush is soft & most dense texture wise, which allows it to pick up & evenly distribute loose or pressed powder to the face in order to set make-up.

The EyeShadow Shader Brush is soft & flat with fine fibres to shade the eyelid with your base colour, it is round & tapered so it can build intense colour or really pack on pigment to the eyelid.

The Eyeshadow Blending Brush is a pointed but soft bristled brush which will soften & blend out the eyeshadow in the socket line & out to the outer edges of the eye.

The Highlighter Blending Brush a softly packed bristled brush, which is slightly angled to blend highlighter under the brow bone.

The Pencil Brush has close compacted but soft fibres to allow precision when applying eyeshadow to the socket line & the outer edges of the eye.

The Angled Eyeliner Brush has an angled sharp edge with soft fibres, which allows a perfect line. The brush is ideal for using gel/cream liner or eyeshadow to create the desired look at the lash lines.

The Eyeliner Brush has a very fine tipped point that gives precision for applying liquid, gel or cream eyeliner to the top lash line.

The Lip Brush has a flat but tipped edge to give excellent control along the lip line when applying lipstick.

PERFECT for anyone looking for a complete set. It also comes with a complete brush guide telling you about each brush and how to use it and you get the brush holder which is fab for travelling. You can also purchase their brushes individually which is really great… can I also just at that these brushes are VEGAN.


Blending brush

I have used these brushes twice now to apply my make up, I made sure I tried each one out and guys, I’m SO impressed. I really love these brushes, I think they’re super affordable, work really well, the brushes themselves feel incredibly sturdy and the bristles are SO soft. My favourite BY FAR is the liner brush, I haven’t ever found a liner brush that I get along with like this one, I actually struggle with gel liner purely because I find a lot of brushes to be too thick or too flexible etc.. This one is absolutely perfect and I really think I’m going to purchase a few more of them, they’re that good. Something I’m also interested in trying out is their beauty sponge to see how that compares to the others I have at the moment. I loved how sturdy the shadow brush was, it really enabled me to pack product on my lid and I really love the blending brush, it is so fluffy it just blends shadow out effortlessly.


Liner brush

One of the main things I was really impressed with was the fact there was NO shedding with these brushes whatsoever. Usually, when I purchase a brush and use it for the first few times there is a little bit of shedding, with these there was none at all which I genuinely haven’t really come across before and I use a lot of brands when it comes to brushes! If I really had to nit pick at anything I would say they could do with a smaller blending brush, something a little more precise as I did have to reach for a different one to blend out darker colours in my crease but if I’m honest, it isn’t essential so i’m not that bothered about it. Everything else gets a 10/10 from me and I know I want to try a few more things out from this brand.


Foundation brush – colour correcting

If you guys follow me on instagram (if you aren’t then WHY?) you’ll know I’m collecting for a HUGE giveaway at the moment for a little later on this year, I’d love to know if these brushes are something you’d like to see in there? Let me know in the comments down here or over on my insta! You guys know I don’t rave about products I don’t love and I definitely wouldn’t consider giving away something I don’t truly believe in!


Lip brush

As promised, girl meets brush has hooked you up with 25% OFF! Use my code ‘Abbie25’ at the checkout on their website: If you have any questions feel free to ask me below or over on my social.. also GMB has a contact page on their website!



Thank you guys so much for reading, I hope you all go and check out this brand! I’ll see you all next week with a new post, if you fancy seeing more of me check my social media all linked below! Before you leave I would really appreciate it if you could hit the FOLLOW button on my home page, it’s free, it takes 0.5 seconds and it just means you’ll get told when I have a new post up!

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