Drug store products that are NOT worth the hype. |Top 6 biggest disappointments.

Drug store products that are NOT worth the hype. |Top 6 biggest disappointments.

Hey huns

Today I’m coming at you with a ruthless disappointment post. These are all products I feel have been hyped up in some way and have really let me down when it comes to performance. I’m going to be COMPLETELY honest with my thoughts on everything I talk about. I’m going to rank them from the ones that let me down a little to the ones that I’m actually angry at. So,lets get started.

6) 14139456_10153836407403341_573368057_o

The Rimmel exaggerate lip liners. I feel like everyone uses these, they’re a lot of peoples favourite drug store lip liner… but certainly not mine. As an avid over-drawer I like a good creamy, pigmented pencil. These are scratchy and very hard, it isn’t easy to get a nice clean line with them and I find them really patchy and drying on the lips. Not a fan.

5) 14138967_10153836407553341_1154276188_o Revlon colour stay foundation. I’ve tried both formulas for oily and dry skin and I don’t like either of them. I am all about a full coverage foundation and this has been hyped up forever as an apparent ‘dupe’ for my beloved double wear.. what a load of rubbish. It is an OK foundation for the price but the coverage isn’t that great, it dries a little more matte than I would like and it definitely isn’t that long wearing on my skin. Each to their own with foundations but I really can’t compare this to anything high end. It isn’t awful, it was just made out to be more of a miracle than it is.

4) 14151820_10153836405558341_2063358449_o Maybelline lash sensational, not much of a sensation really… Everyone said this was the most amazing mascara and everyone told me I would love it and it just isn’t amazing. I have the waterproof here but have tried the normal too. It isn’t all bad but I find if I don’t use the waterproof I find it transfers (which is my PET PEEVE when it comes to mascara). The waterproof one doesn’t make my lashes long and thick, it kind of just clumps a few together and stays the same length as my actual lashes. Not impressed.

3) 14139222_10153836407738341_1202603929_o These last 3 were a struggle to place because I kind of dislike them all the same but I do have some ‘likes’ for this.. The sleek matte me formula is AWFUL. They flake off like a little bitch no matter what you wear under them and they are SUPER drying. I absolutely despise the applicator, it’s hard and really awkward to work with. The only thing that I really like is the colour, this is one of my favourite lip colours and I really did have high hopes for these. If you are a high end lip product fanatic then you’ll absolutely hate these, they’re just nothing like I’ve ever tried before and I don’t particularly want to try anything like them again.

2) 14191485_10153836407778341_1541831523_o Second place, sorry Nikkie Tutorials. I can’t contain my disappointment. WHY THE HELL DOES EVERYONE RAVE ABOUT THIS?! EVERYONE SAID THIS WAS THEIR HOLY GRAIL… This does NOT keep my make up on longer the only good thing about it is that it is super hydrating. Although, if you didn’t know, on a lot of people this creates texture after a while on the face… it happened to me. I heard a few people say this made their face come up in tiny little pimple things and I noticed after about 2 weeks of using it. I’ll stick to using a real primer. I’m really really confused as to why everyone talked about this for so long, I didn’t ever notice my make up go on nicer or stay on for longer.

  1. 14123993_10153836405583341_1112804630_oCongratulations NYX, you really let me down. I’m upset, I really like NYX but this is bloody awful. THIS GIVES A WHITE CAST / FLASH BACK LIKE NO OTHER. It makes my under eye area look bright white in photos, I don’t really like the formula all that much. In all honestly it’s just a cheap concealer. I don’t know if I would go as far as to say I ‘hate’ this but I don’t think I’m far off. The coverage wouldn’t be all that bad if it didn’t oxidise a bit and look cakey after it had set. 0/10 would never recommend to anyone.

SO I hope you all had a great time reading my kind words about these products.. I’m not bashing the brands, just these certain things :).

Sorry it was a super short one this week, I’m working on a way more serious long post at the moment so keep your eyes peeled for that.


Abbie x



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