My current beauty favourites. | What I’ve been using on a daily basis.

My current beauty favourites. | What I’ve been using on a daily basis.


Today I thought I’d let you guys know what beauty products I have been L O V I N G. I couldn’t put ever single product that I love in here, so I’m running down a short list with you of the things I have been reaching for almost daily.



An oldie but a goodie! This has always been such a trusty foundation. Everyone knows Mac studio fix is such a cult favourite.. It just gives the most perfect coverage and stays on all day for me, I know loads of people feel the same way about it lasting. I have combination skin and it never sits in my lines or clings to my dry patches but at the same time doesn’t slide off my oily areas! Also, with it being mac, I can’t complain about the colour range of this product it comes in really pale and also extremely dark shades. I love a lot of foundations but I ALWAYS go back to this one. I’m currently wearing NC20, this is me with a tan hahaha. In the winter I do go right down to the palest shade they do. It gives a demi-matte finish so it doesn’t look flat but it isn’t shiny. With an illuminating primer you can make it a dewy finish, it’s very versatile.

The Zoeva cool spectrum palette. This is quite a new purchase, I’ve only had it a few weeks but I’m already reaching for it a hell of a lot. I’m getting more comfortable playing with colour and this is full of really beautiful shades. When I was looking into buying a cooler palette I was a little out of my comfort zone as I’m ALWAYS using warm shades, just like every other beauty blogger out there, so I really wanted to start playing around and using more grey tones, especially now autumn is coming! This palette is SO versatile, SO pigmented and really decently priced. There is also a good mix of bright colour and more muted colour then they have the usual browns, shimmers and mattes. They are actually really lovely shadows to work with, they blend really easily and I don’t really get any fall out when using them I used this palette to create this look:

DSC00197 This was for a mini tutorial I did on my YouTube channel the other day, you can watch it here if you’re interested (don’t forget to subscribe while you’re over there):



Oh mama, oh my. I never ever like drugstore highlighting products. They’re always chunky, powdery horrible nasty little bitches but THIS is something else. I’ll admit I’m not a fan of cream highlighters in general, I have and oily T zone and they’re not flattering for me but the 3 powders are S T U N N I N G. I’ve been using this for a little while now and I’m in love with it. When I’m my palest, I find it REALLY hard to find a highlighter that doesn’t just look stupid on me but I can use the lilac and yellow when I’m fair. The yellow comes up a little more white when you actually apply it. The only complaint I have about the palette, it’s a stupid one, is the top doesn’t open all the way so as you see it in the photo, that’s as open as it gets. I’m someone who lays palettes flat, especially if I’m working on someone else. Obviously it isn’t really about packaging and just product, can’t complain for the price!



I’m not usually a ‘pink person’. I like my dark colours and nudes, normal glossy nails. This changed me as a person. Maybe that was a little bit of an exaggeration but I’m a convert to glitter, pink glitter. It’s a clear polish with pink, rose gold glitter in but its not sparse glitter you know, none of that ‘I’d need about 20 coats of this for it to be opaque’. You need 2 coats and you’re good to go. It is absolutely gorgeous and it stays on FOREVER! I’ve had this on my ring fingers for over a week now and no chips, no top coat either!



It is lit, fitting name. My eyes are lit to f**k when I have this glitter on. This is what I’m wearing in that purple look! It’s stunning. I have an undying love for lit glitter and the glitter glue, you really can’t beat it. This one it just a white glitter with kind of a yellow/silver reflect in certain lights but it mostly just looks white. I love it so much, I’ll never not love glitter on my eyes. Staying power is 100 if you pair it with the glue as well.



LIFE CHANGER ALERT. Guys for SO long I have worn false lashes every single damn day because I HATE the way my eyes look without it. I’m a massive fan of PUR, they do some incredible products that not many people talk about. This mascara is beautiful. It doesn’t transfer, doesn’t flake, makes my lashes nice and long, it’s super black and makes my lashes look thicker than ever. I have oily eyelids, if you know you know, so I’m always looking for a mascara that doesn’t transfer easily. THIS IS THE ONE. I’ll love it forever, I already have a back up and I can see myself buying another 100 in the next year or so. I use this every single day without fail, I’ve never got on with a mascara as well as this one (#bffl’s).


Garnier Micellar water

Guys, read this. I have tried this product for like a year on and off and I have ALWAYS hated it. I never understood why everyone raved about it so much, until a few weeks ago. My skin is getting drier, more sensitive and just all together a little more problematic than usual. This has been taking my make up off SO well before cleansing and it is so gentle on my skin. I don’t think this is the best make up remover in the world but it is the only one I have tried that hasn’t irritated my eyes or broken me out after using it. It is so handy to have in your room in case of emergency and also super handy to have if you’re working on other people. They’re brought out a new one which I really want to try as apparently it removes make up even better than this one. I think my problem was that I wore a lot of waterproof mascara and this really didn’t take it off well… Now I’m using the PUR one it’s taking my eye make up off so easily. I’m giving it a big thumbs up.

So that’s it from me this week.

Thanks so much for reading! Like I said earlier if you want to take a look at my YouTube channel the link is up there, I’m doing mini tutorials at the moment and would be SO thankful if you all went over and subscribed! I’m more active on there than I am here!

Hope you all have the most wonderful week ever!

Lots of love

Abbie x



  1. August 22, 2016 / 6:46 pm

    Love the eye makeup looks amazing, really want to try Mac studio fix. Great post.

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