Is Younique really worth the hype?

Is Younique really worth the hype?

Hey guys,

I have another review today! A couple of weeks ago a lovely girl contacted me asking if I’d ever tried any Younique products / if I would like to try them. I, like many of you, have seen this brand ALL over social media. Being truly honest, I have never been keen on the thought of buying from many network marketing brands as they have a lot of reps who give them all a bad name. I get hundreds of facebook friend requests every month, unwanted messages over and over again trying to pressure me into buying something from them. I did used to work for a network marketing company, years ago, but I was never asked to add strangers and hassle them for weeks on end.. Before someone gets offended, I’m not saying everyone who sells this stuff is like that, there are just a lot of pushy people around! Always look into who you’re buying with.

Regardless of the way it is sold, it is still make up and the reps don’t change the quality of the products. Charly was kind enough to send over some little samples and a few full size products. I will link her instagram below for you guys and her website in case anyone wants to enquire about products, she will be more than happy to help you out! She was also REALLY kind and gave ya’ll a DISCOUNT CODE which will be listed at the bottom along with her links!

As expected with any brand, there was some stuff that I really liked and some stuff I really was not keen on… I’ll give you a run down on what I was sent and my thoughts on each product.


3dplus  So everyone and their dog has heard about this… It’s a tinting gel (the mascara) then little black fibres that are meant to make your lashes SUPER long. Guys, I really tried with this product. I am addicted to my falsies and always wear them and really wanted something a little more natural but lengthening as I naturally have shorter lashes. I just could not get on with this product. Honestly, I tried it about 4 times, even watched videos on how you’re meant to apply it. Every time I wore it the fibres fell into my freaking eyes and were irritating me the whole time I had it on. It did absolutely nothing for volume no matter how many coats I put on an it didn’t actually make them SUPER long, just added a tiny bit of length. I really wanted to like it but I just don’t. It’s messy, It’s very time consuming and I think at £23 it is over priced.


MP SEXYI’m not usually a fan of loose shadows as they can be pretty messy however, I really do like this one. I asked for this particular shade as I thought it would be a perfect inner corner/brow bone highlight. Look at how reflective it is! I always wear a base under my shadows so it lasted well. ‘Sexy’ is a light pink/silver frosty colour and worked really nice all over the lid as well. You do have to spend some time building it up if you want it as intense as you see it in my photo but I don’t mind that so much, it means you can’t go in too heavy handed. It is always easier to add rather than take away! You get 1.2 grams of product for £10 and I think that they last a really long time so in my opinion it is good value!





Mixed emotions about this one. I’m not really into cream shadows, I never use them as they rarely mix well with powder shadows. I kind of have a love hate with this product. As you can see, in the middle swatch, it is patchy if you apply too much of it. It’s hard to guess the right amount as it’s quite dry and balls up a little however, when blended out it actually turns to a powder finish. It has the most beautiful tiny reflects in it that sparkle when they hit the light. You do have quite a bit of play time with this shadow, it doesn’t set too quickly and once dry you are still able to blend easily. I think this type of product is really nice for an all over wash of colour, perfect for a really quick look for school/work or just a really simple every day eye. They aren’t all that pigmented but also aren’t too easy to build up so they are much more ‘natural’ looking. These retail for a slightly more pricey £21. Here’s how it looked all over my eyes:



poutyHOT PRODUCT ALERT! Out of everything I was sent, THIS is my favourite. Guys, this lip liner is amazing! Especially if you like a LONG LASTING lip. I have to over line my lips a fair amount, they aren’t as full and juicy as I’d like them! With a lot of lip liners a have problems with them not gliding on smooth enough for an even line or not being opaque enough. This lip liner changed the game for me. It glides on like a dream, it’s so so creamy and easy to work with and not to mention, a beautiful nude colour. The best part is that this sets down to a full on, water proof, smudge proof and matte finish. It is beautiful. I used this as an all over lip colour on day and it actually lasted 6 hours before I had to top it up, I would highly recommend these liners they are so underrated in my opinion! These retail for £12 each, which is much cheaper than most high end brands and I think this competes with a lot of them. Grab them, seriously.




Let me just make it clear, this doesn’t cover up tattoo’s.. I don’t know how they did it in all those videos but I tapped it in with my finger, a beauty blender and buffed with a brush but none of them worked. My tattoo isn’t even super black, it’s faded.

This is the shade ‘organza’ unfortunately it is too dark for me and actually pretty orange. It doesn’t oxidise, I tried it on my hand all day long and it stayed true to colour.

This concealer is extremely thick, very tacky and NEEDS setting. If you suffer from acne and need a concealer for spots and/or discolouration then I do believe this could work for you.

PLEASE do not put this under your eyes, it’s just going to crease like a bitch it is so thick and tacky feeling.

I was also send a BB cream and a facial wash. The BB cream was far to dark for me as I’m not fake tanned at the moment and I don’t use BB creams anyway as my skin needs a full coverage foundation due to active acne and scars. I also don’t want to review to facial wash as I believe skin care is something you need to use over a few weeks to see results with and I only got 4 uses out of the sample I was sent. It was nice enough to use and had a pleasant scent but that’s all I can really tell you right now!

Being honest I thought that I was going to hate everything.. I thought it was all going to be like a scam and none of it would work properly but I have had my eyes opened and I do really like a few of the products I was sent. With ANY brand you get products that you really like and you get products that you aren’t so keen on.. Over all I think that Younique is something worth looking at, especially if you’re in the market for a bloody good lip liner!

If you do want to order anything on Charly’s website make sure you send her a message over on instagram with my 15% off code ‘ABBIENICOLE’ and she’ll sort everything out for you!

Her site:

Her instagram:

If you have any questions about my experience with Younique don’t hesitate to comment down below or message me over on instagram.

Thank you guys for reading! I’ll catch you again next week with a new post..

Love Abz x


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*All opinions in this post are my own.



  1. July 11, 2016 / 8:24 pm

    interesting post! Never tried anything from Younique but i would love to ::)

    • July 11, 2016 / 8:25 pm

      I hadn’t either & was sceptical! Take a look at Charly’s site and see if anything takes your fancy, remember to use the discount code for money off! X

  2. July 12, 2016 / 11:17 am

    Interesting about the tattoo. It was one of the tattoo coverage videos that but younique to my attention.

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