I have something SUPER exciting to share with you today! As you will have guessed by the title, today’s post is a first impression on Nutribuddy & their weight loss kit. You all know I am always honest with you so I just want to put a little ‘disclaimer’ out there. I was sent this weight loss kit to try and review by the company however ALL opinions are my own, I have not been asked/told to give a certain type of review, these are all my own views and will be on every post about them.  You can expect to be kept up to date on how I am doing with the products including posts on social media.

So my parcel arrived this morning and this is what I got inside:


image1 (1)


I have to say straight away I am in LOVE with the packaging. I know it’s only packaging for weight loss products but I honestly think they’ve nailed it. It is really summery, it feels nice quality and all the packs are resealable so everything stays nice and fresh. Included in the weight loss kit you get:

  • Sculpting whey powder – you get a choice of vanilla or chocolate, I went for vanilla.
  • Multi vitamins  capsules
  • Hunger fix capsules
  • Shaker bottle – you get a choice of red or black.
  • Recipe book
  • The little book of weight loss

You can purchase 7 days worth, 14 days worth and 30 days worth. I have been sent 14 days worth of product which retails at £34.99. For what you get, I think that’s a pretty good price!

What I love about this brand is the fact they send out all the information you could need about the products in their ‘little book of weight loss’. There’s even a 5 day meal plan in there, along with all the other meals and smoothies in the recipe book you get a really good selection. I’m not actually eating meat so what I would say is there aren’t that many vegetarian options but I’m used to working around that anyway so it doesn’t bother me! The products are all suitable for vegetarians though! I have tried other brands of meal replacement shakes before and I haven’t liked them all that much, they are usually overpriced and only come with a powder so I’m really happy Nutribuddy have these books.



I had my first shake as a replacement for lunch today, I mixed the sculpting whey powder with almond milk, 1 banana and a handful of frozen berries. The vanilla powder is very sweet but not so sweet that it’s sickly, I really enjoyed it and it kept me full for a few hours! I haven’t tried the hunger fix tablets yet but I’ll let you know my opinion on them in another post.

I just quickly want to chat about what I’m already doing, and will continue to do, to lose weight while using the Nutribuddy products. Here’s a page telling you a few do’s and do not’s:


I already don’t do everything they advise you not to! The only thing out of the do’s I don’t already do is plan my meals but I don’t feel like I need to start as I have plenty of time in the day to decide what I’m going to have anyway. As far as exercise goes I’m just doing very gentle activities at the moment. This is mainly due to the fact I’m not allowed to irritate my stomach as I have something wrong with it. That means no sit ups or anything like that and no ‘heavy’ cardio… So I walk a lot and I have a treadmill which I am able to power walk on. To some people I know this doesn’t seem like enough but I do all I can manage at the moment!

I will be posting frequently on all social media about my progress with these products and how I’m feeling about them. I’m also going to do a post next week as a little update for you guys. Maybe you’d like to see a ‘what I eat in a day’ post while I’m on the plan? Let me know on here or any of my social media, I’ll leave them down below along with a link to the Nutribuddy website so you guys can check them out! If you guys are quick enough to add my snapchat, I unboxed the package they sent on there today!

Hope you all have a lovely week!

Abz x





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