Changing my eye colour | Crazy lenses review.

I’ve always enjoyed playing around with how I look. I love to change things on my face up a lot with makeup so coloured contact lenses have always interested me. I’ve worn contacts in the past (clear, for my eyesight) and I have worn crazy ones for Halloween but never anything to change the colour for a day to day look.

When I was asked which colour’s I would like to try I originally said mystic blue (as shown in upcoming photo) and brown, twilight new generation. I was later on informed they didn’t have the brown in stock, I was disappointed as I have naturally hazel eyes so I thought they would work the best on me. Instead, they sent me a red pair, so I’ll save them for Halloween.

Here is the package I received:


They were really nice and gave me a contact holder along with some solution to soak them in. These come when you purchase a set priced at £19.99 as said on their website: Our contact lens complete sets include everything you need to enjoy coloured contact lenses. Each contact lens gift set includes contact lenses, lens solution and a storage case – so you can start wearing your contacts straight away. These complete sets make great gifts and they are perfect for 1st time contact lens wearers. Great value and simple to use, these contact lens sets make wearing contact lenses easy. For more information on how to wear lenses check out our Contact Lens Guide. The one day wear contacts are priced at a pretty good £9.99, when I have worn coloured ones before from elsewhere I have paid more like £15. The contacts come in little glass vials and are packaged really well in my opinion. I think that for the price you definitely get your money’s worth.

So, here is what my eyes look like without contact lenses in:


My eyes change colour slightly most days but are always between a deep brownish hazel and green. I’ve always been happy with my eyes, I just like to experiment.

As I wasn’t going to open the red ones because I would like to use them at Halloween I had to put the blue ones in. When I opened the contacts up I already knew they weren’t going to look right on my eyes, there wasn’t enough of the blue colour to completely cover my natural colour so when I put them in they looked a little funny. I’ve done a side by side comparison here:


As far as contacts go, these aren’t the most natural. I think they do have more natural 3 tone ones on their website and I kind of wish I’d of gone for those. Never the less, for someone wanting a pop of bright blue on already blue eyes, these would work. I also think they give a ‘manga’ look to the eye with the black rim.

I didn’t exactly find them uncomfortable but they weren’t the most comfortable I have ever worn. The one on my left eye felt a little scratchy and it was a little cloudy when I was looking through it. I cleaned them and soaked them properly before someone asks. I wouldn’t recommend these lenses for first-time users as I think they could potentially irritate your eyes whereas more experienced users are more likely to find them comfortable. I’m not blown out the park by the quality of them or the way they looked but I am pretty impressed with the range on their website.

I think that changing your eye colour up is really fun and can make you look like a completely different person! Lenses are really cool for fancy dress or everyday wear. Some people love their eye colour but have always wanted to try something different so a one-time wear pair would be perfect for that! For the price, if you’re thinking about it, I would say go for it. If they don’t work for you they can always just be taken out.

Next time I try coloured lenses I will definitely go for more natural ones and probably 90-day use ones, which they do sell on this website! I will probably purchase a darker pair and maybe do a little update on my Instagram. I do recommend you check them out for Halloween lenses as they have some pretty awesome designs at really good prices.

Make sure you do have a look round their site and see if there is anything you like, there is SO much selection. Give them a follow on Instagram too.

You can shop and browse all the products HERE:

You can follow their Instagram HERE: (they have loads of pictures of their contacts where you can ask them what type they are, making it easier to know what you’ll get.

You can like their facebook HERE:

Thank you for reading! Hope you’re having a lush week. Loads more reviews on new products coming soon. Abz x






  1. May 25, 2016 / 2:38 am

    I wish my eyes were like yours! They are so gorgeous, you should do makeup looks with your lenses too 🙂

    • May 25, 2016 / 7:44 am

      Thank you! I plan to once I get some that look good on my eyes X

  2. June 18, 2016 / 8:09 pm

    These look so pretty! Lovely post! I’m really enjoying reading through your blog x considering the types of things you blog about I think you might just like my blog too, if you get a chance why not take a peak?

    Thanks, can’t wait to see more from you

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