NutriPlan Slimkitten 7 day teatox| REVIEW

NutriPlan Slimkitten 7 day teatox| REVIEW



Hey guys!

Today I’m here with a little review about a teatox. The teatox I tried is by the brand Slimkitten but sold by NurtiPlan.. You can check all of their stuff out here:

NutriPlan do a range of different detox products. They include the 7 day morning and bedtime teatox, which is what I tried & a bronze, silver & gold 28 day detox plan which is much more intense.

Here is a little look at what those boxes include:

Picture from:

Here is the teatox I was sent:

nutriAs you can see, they also sent me a pouch of spirulina.

I want to review the teatox rather than the supplements as I haven’t been taking them long enough to write a true opinion, however, here are SOME of the benefits of taking it:

Reduces Inflammation.
Protects against allergic reactions (yes hay fever sufferers you too).
Destroys bacteria & viruses.
Boosts your immunity! If you’re always catching a cold, maybe your immune system needs a helping hand.
Natural detoxification.
GREAT source of protein! Actually, it is a supplement a lot of vegans and vegetarians take as their source of protein.
Reduces high cholesterol.
Is a strong antioxidant.


Here is what NutriPlan have written on their website about the product:

SlimKitten’s Morning and Bedtime Teatox provides an incredible detox with 17 highly nutritious natural herbs. Stop feeling bloated, feel refreshed and awake, reduce sugar and carbs cravings and boost your immune-system.

SlimKitten’s cleansing effects are achieved by these super ingredients: Yerba Mate, Chamomilla, Hibiscus, Rosa Canina, Siberian Ginseng, Orange Peel, Tamarind, Lemon Grass, Ginger, Raspberry, Blueberry, Cranberry, Centaurea, Eucalyptus, Fennel and Pimpinella!

So the first thing I noticed is the teas taste very nice! They are sweet and fruity, I tasted orange peel straight away, which I liked and the other berries were quite prominent to me as well. Over all, taste was a good 8/10, it wasn’t a very strong tasting tea but very pleasant to drink non the less!

You have a tea every morning for 7 days and a bed time tea every other night. The morning tea should be consumed before breakfast which for me is perfect as I have to take some medication daily 30 minutes before I eat anything, so I always have time for a drink before food! For others, this may mean getting out of bed maybe 15 minutes earlier, you are advised to let the tea brew for 5 – 10 minutes.

On day 1, I really didn’t notice anything, obviously the tea hadn’t had much time to work on me! I had my morning tea and bed time tea and then repeated my morning tea when I woke up, again, not much difference in feeling. Throughout day 2 I felt a little more comfortable regarding bloating. Now I have to tell you, I suffer from an illness which causes bloating a lot so I didn’t expect much from the tea in that sense… I was pretty sceptical. Day 3, I was pretty awake for 9am.. I am not an early riser, I never have been and when I have to be up early I am never happy about it. On this morning I was up and out of my room within 10 minutes of waking up. Had my 2 teas that day, noticed an improvement in my bloating and went to bed. Day 4 & 5 were pretty similar, I felt really good when I woke up and I was less bloated than usual. Now on day 5 & 6 I woke up with NO BLOATING AT ALL, that’s right.. none. I haven’t had a non bloated belly in over a year.. yeah ok I ate a big meal on day 6 and was pretty bloated but that was my own fault.

So as you can see, for only 7 days… They are pretty good results.

My over all opinion is, for only having to drink some tea morning and night, it’s not a lot of effort for pretty good results. I can hand on heart say I never expected anything great from it… I’m not saying it worked wonders… but yes, I WOULD recommend it to anyone who struggles getting out of bed in the morning and want’s help with bloating after meals, time of the month or whenever you get it.

The teatox I did was only £8.99, which I think is very fairly priced. Their website is really easy to navigate around too so you will be able to find anything you are looking for. I would really like to try a 4 week detox plan for them, however those prices range from £49 – £69, so I think I’ll look at some reviews on those.

If any of you guys try it, make sure you let me know how you got on! I love hearing from you all.. If you have any questions feel free to contact me or their email on the website: & their team will help you out!

Thanks for reading, hope you’re all having a fab weekend.

Abz x


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